Leave compromise behind.
The IONIQ Electric has arrived.
Ioniq surrounds you with advanced safety technology and desirable premium features, proving that you can care about the planet and still have an engaging driving experience. Currently, Ioniq Electric is only available in California.
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Your interest in Ioniq Electric is greatly appreciated. We'll send updates to this email account advising you when its availability is extended to your area. If you're looking to buy now, please consider the Ioniq Hybrid, its EPA-est. combined 58 MPG makes it the most fuel-efficient car sold in America.* Thank you
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Ioniq Unlimited+ Subscription Pricing
Base $295 per month*
Limited $395 per month*
Starting at $295 per month for 36 months. $2,500 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit required. Excludes registration, tax, title and license. Well-qualified lessees only. California residents only.
Ioniq Unlimited+ Subscription Program: Key advantages.
$0 Initiation Fee
after Rebate*
Maintenance and
Wear Items*
Electric vehicles wouldn't be the future of mobility
without some amazing benefits.
$7,500 Federal Tax Credit*
$77.70 Estimated monthly gas savings*
Miles driven daily What is this?
Your car's combined MPG What is this?
Additional advantages
Enjoy special access
to HOV lanes where available.
No more stopping at
the gas pump.
No oil changes or transmission fluid maintenance.
Zero tailpipe
Instant torque delivers
quick acceleration.
We have your back on the battery and the rest of the car, too America's Best Warranty™* With 10 years and 100,000 miles of coverage, America's Best Warranty is just that. We couldn't say it if it wasn't true. The warranty is part of Hyundai Assurance which includes 24/7 Roadside Assistance and features towing, trip interruption assistance, and help for a flat tire, dead battery or if you run out of gas or lock yourself out of your car. So wherever you go, there's a warranty that makes every Hyundai not just new but better.
Lifetime Hybrid /
Battery Warranty
5-Year /
New Vehicle Limited Warranty
10-Year /
Powertrain Limited Warranty
5-Year /
Unlimited Miles
24-hour Roadside Assistance
Impressive driving range.
124 miles on full charge. Plus 136 MPGe.*
The Ioniq Electric has an estimated driving range of 124 miles on a single full charge. It's perfect for your daily commute, making the drive more comfortable, quiet and stress free.
Charging on the go. Flexibility to fit your life. You'll be surprised at the number of available public charging stations in easy-to-access, convenient areas. Plus, new locations are being added all of the time. Fans of multitasking can get a boost by charging up during a coffee break or shopping trip. There's also the MyHyundai with Blue Link® app to help you find public spots for charging.
Convenient charging with ChargePoint®. Ioniq drivers can charge on the go at more than 31,000 locations using an app that works with your smartphone or vehicle touchscreen to show ChargePoint locations and real-time availability. Learn More
Plenty of easy ways to charge, because choice is better.
Charge at
your convenience
At home
Charge time:
4 hours, 25 minutes
Every Ioniq is equipped with a convenient 110V/120V standard charging cord. Plus, there's a Blue Link® app for your phone that features Charge Indicators and Charge Scheduling so you can charge during off-peak hours when electric rates are lower. If you have access to a 220V/240V outlet, this available option offers an estimated full-charge time of 4 hours, 25 minutes.
Charge time:
4 hours, 25 minutes
In town
DC Fast Chargers*
Charge time:
23 minutes
There are lots of convenient options to power up while you shop or run an errand. For additional ways to charge on the go, 240V and 120V charging stations are available, while DC Fast Chargers can provide 80% of the charge in 23 minutes.
Regenerative Braking Control Paddles This system lets you charge the battery while driving. It turns the mechanical energy generated by the rotation of the wheels into electric energy when you decelerate and sends it to be stored in the battery for future use. The Control Paddles are located just behind the racing-inspired D-cut steering wheel. With these paddles, drivers can take a more active role in the driving experience by selecting from three levels of re-gen control.
Charge more when decelerating Easy cruising when decelerating Higher energy capture
when easing off the accelerator pedal
by engaging in a much higher
degree of deceleration.
Less energy capture
by offering a more conventional coasting
and deceleration feel.
Digital instrument cluster
This display is a wonder of technology and information. It offers a vibrant changing color palette and dynamic graphics to monitor vehicle performance when using different settings.
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*All images shown are pre-production models.