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Building cars all
across America + jobs + communities

Hyundai employee at our manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama

Nearly 190,950 Underline people design, engineer, build, and service our cars right here in the U.S. But we’re building more than cars—we’re building communities.

We’re working it, hiring 7,050 Underline workers in the U.S., including Alabama, California, Texas, Georgia, Michigan. See FAQs about Hyundai in America

In Montgomery AL, our manufacturing plant has strengthened the amazing local community Underline .

Hyundai male employee holds car part in Hyundai's manufacturing plant in Montgomery Alabama
Hyundai employees ride bikes during Toys for Tots event.
Driven by better
The whole plant joins forces to help support the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.
Female Hyundai employee works in the manufacturing line in Hyundai’s plant in Montgomery Alabama
Built by the best
Saying our 3,000 team members are hardworking would be an understatement.

In Michigan and California, hundreds of America’s brightest reimagine what our cars can do for people like you Underline .

Hyundai engineers and designers look at a car design board hanging on the wall
Hyundai employee carves a small car prototype on clay in Hyundai’s plant in Irvine California
Eyes on tomorrow
From mobility to environment, Hyundai’s designers and engineers are shaping the cars of the future.
Hand-drawn sketch of the interior of a Hyundai car

We’re doubling down on leading mobility electrification by investing Underline more than $10 billion Underline in new technologies and manufacturing in the US. Learn more about our new investments in the U.S.

Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group, meeting with President Joe Biden.
Committed to America
Hyundai Executive Chair Euisun Chung meets with Joe Biden in efforts to accelerate innovation support carbon neutrality goals.
Hyundai Executive Chair Euisun Chung meeting with Joe Biden
Creating new jobsHyundai Motor Group is building a new EV battery facility and it’s bringing new jobs and opportunity.
Learn more
Hyundai & LG partner to increase US EV battery production.
Tomorrow’s forecast: more EVsHyundai and LG Energy Solution make a monumental deal to produce more EV batteries in the U.S., further advancing their collective efforts to increase automotive electrification in North America.
Learn more about how we’re teaming up to electrify America

The impact is big Underline and that makes us happy with a B

$10 billion
total investment in the U.S.
100,000 jobs
created in America, and counting
14 years
building cars in the U.S.
At least 30,000 Underline
more places to
Hyundai is teaming up with six other global automakers –
BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Kia, Mercedes-Benz
Group, and Stellantis N.V. – to build an open charging
network across North America. Learn more about this unprecedented joint venture.
Headshot of Brandon Signature that reads Brandon
Every aspect of a car model, from the initial concept all the way until it launches and even planning the next generation, happens right here in the U.S.
Brandon Ramirez,
Director of CSR & External Relations.

These are just some of the ways we strive for better. See what else we're doing:

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