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Bringing our
community help +hope

Little girl stamps her handprint with green paint on a Hyundai car during a Hope on Wheels event

Because we care, Hyundai Hope is committed to Progress for Humanity and improving the well-being of our communityUnderline.

25 years ago we created Hyundai Hope on Wheels, a nonprofit organization that funds pediatric cancer research and builds awareness for the disease.

Green children’s handprint as if stamped on the screen Raynie and Oliver with 25th year balloons

Celebrating 25 years of hope For 25 years, Hyundai Hope On Wheels has brought hope to children fighting cancer by funding innovative research, and support.

As Hyundai Hope On Wheels celebrates its 25th anniversary, $25 million in grants will be awarded to advance research and support nationwide. This brings total giving to $225 million since 1998, powering more than 1,300 research grants at 175 institutions.

Every car counts Every time a new Hyundai is sold, a donation is made to Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

Hyundai Hope On Wheels 25th logo
Girls with handprint next to Hyundai vehicle
Blue children’s handprint as if stamped on the screen Two male doctors wearing Hope on Wheels lab coats talk to each other and smile inside their lab

Life-saving research The advances in technology are encouraging, but the road is long.

We’re going the extra mile to find the cure We’re spreading the word and gathering support for our fight against childhood cancer. Check out our current TV commercial for Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

What started with a small group of dealers is now a nation-wide project

820 Underline dealers
across the country
$225 million
in donations and counting
Portrait of Oliver and Raynie
Dealers, people who work for Hyundai dealerships and Hyundai Motor America are very proud of this partnership and what we’ve created together to help children in need. We’re all 100% behind it.
Grant award presented to Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in DC
Blue children’s handprint as if stamped on the screen

Every handprint is a symbol One child’s milestone can be another’s beacon of hope.

Doctor has blue handprints stamped on his lab coat by a young patient.
Youth Ambassador puts red blue and green paint on her hand at a Hope on Wheels event
Oliver nd Raynie our National Youth Ambassadors.

Meet Oliver and Raynie Oliver Foster and Raynie Clark are brave cancer fighters.

Portrait of Oliver and Raynie
Hope is how we survived treatment and cancer. We want to share our stories to bring hope to other kids with cancer.
Oliver Foster and Raynie Clark, national youth ambassadors for Hyundai Hope On Wheels

These are just some of the ways we strive for better. See what else we're doing:

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