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Building a better world
for tomorrow starts today

Hyundai engineer wearing Hyundai’s Exoskeleton walks down the stairs in Hyundai Cradle plant

Our commitment Underline to environment and mobility affects everything we do, from the cars we design to the buildings we design them in and everything in between.

Hyundai is in progress to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 Underline . From green energy innovations to developing next-gen transportation platforms, we’re driving toward a more sustainable future.

We plant thousands Underline of trees to offset emissions, use recycled materials in our cars and factories, and promote low carbon manufacturing.

Green inside and outWe use certified biomaterials in NEXO and IONIQ 5. You’ll find them in our vegan leather, eco-paint, sugarcane-based eco-fibers and recycled yarn.

Hyundai Green concept vehicle interior
Close-up of a woman holding a tree sapling with her hands at a Hyundai tree-planting event
Two women and one man in matching teal t-shirts and white hats plant a tree during a Hyundai event

Let’s plant In partnership with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization dedicated to global reforestation, we’ve planted 250,000 trees nationwide. It’s part of our commitment to sustainability, and an effort to help diminish the impact of climate change.

Illustration of two butterflies

We invested $10.6 billion Underline into new electric vehicle facilities in Georgia and Alabama in 2022.

Healthy SeasHyundai is partnering with ocean conservation group Healthy Seas to combat ocean pollution, nurture sustainable marine ecosystems, and support a circular economy.

Hyundai Healthy Seas
Hyundai Motor Company's global commitment to 100% renewable electricity between 2040 - 2050.

Thinking greenAs a Climate Group RE100 member, Hyundai Motor Company joins a global initiative committed to 100% renewable electricity between 2040 and 2050. We can achieve this using solar panels and power purchase agreements (PPA) with wind and solar energy producers and Korea Electric Power Corporation’s (KEPCO) ‘Green Premium’ program.

A dedicated battery electric platform With IONIQ 5 comes the debut of our Electric Global Modular Platform (e-GMP). Its 800-volt architecture brings ultra-fast charging and outstanding all-electric range.
Illustration of two daisies
11 all-electric
by 2023
vehicles sold
by 2023
Explore our current alt-fuel lineup

We’re leading the charge to a greener Underline future with four
types of electrified vehicles
for every kind of driver.

  • Drop of water

    Fuel Cell

    Fueled by hydrogen, the only emission produced is water.

  • Gas pump handle plus electric battery


    Gas for long drives. Electric for zipping around town.

  • Gas pump handle plus electric plug

    Plug-in Hybrid

    Electric when you want it. Gas when you need it.

  • Gas pump handle attached to a leaf


    With a long range of miles on a single charge.

Hyundai white car getting charged on a Hyundai wall electric charger
Headshot of John Signature that reads John
We want to offer a product that the market really wants, not push a product onto the market. That’s why when we’re making decisions about a vehicle that’s coming out in the future, we’re always pushing the envelope.
John Simmons, Sr. Group Manager of Product Planning

We’re innovating the future of autonomous driving by adding something that’s been sorely missing:human thoughtfulness. Underline

Autonomous driving with a human touch.
See how we’re transforming an IONIQ 5 EV into a self-driving robotaxi designed for the ones who matter most.

We believe freedom is the power of mobility, so we create technologies and programs to ensure everyone Underline has the ability to move.

Mobility for the individual We design cars that not only take you anywhere, but also enhance your experience no matter your needs.

Hyundai Building for Tomorrow - Mobility Taxi Heavily shaded black and white image of Hyundai Elevate car
Hyundai employee sitting with a Hyundai Chairless Exoskeleton as he works on a car

Shaping the future Our Exoskeleton design takes mobility beyond cars and gives people the ability to sit, stand, move, and even walk up or down stairs.

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility
0:16 / 0:18

Rideshare's soaring future Announced at CES 2020, Hyundai and Uber are teaming up to develop all-electric Uber Air vehicles for a future aerial rideshare network.

Re:Cycle by Hyundai x Universal Everything
Did you know that our all-electric IONIQ 5 uses fabric recycled from plastic ocean debris? It’s just one way we support global sustainability at Hyundai, and this artful video beautifully illustrates that transformation.
We Are All Unique by Hyundai x Universal Everything We love a united world for sustainability. And it takes all kinds to make it so—whether it’s the materials we choose for our vehicles or the people we choose to work with in life. Share this fun video and spread the love.
Run Forever: by Hyundai x Universal Everything With renewable energy as a core goal, Hyundai featured this art piece in Hyundai Motorstudio Busan and Jakarta to highlight our clean, sustainable hydrogen fuel process. In it, a runner transforms from water to hydrogen to oxygen to pure energy, before returning to nature in plant form.
Tribes: by Hyundai x Universal Everything It’s easy to become mesmerized by the movement and patterns shown in Tribes. A study of human behavior on a mass scale, we see thousands of tiny people moving, connecting and sharing common goals.
And we give up to
$1,000 Underline credit
to our drivers to help with the cost of eligible adaptive equipment
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These are just some of the ways we strive for better. See what else we're doing:

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