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Miles and milestones. We cover them all, beautifully.

Every journey in our family SUV serves up extraordinary style and sophistication, from daily carpools to summer road trips of discovery and adventure. We’ve thought of everything you’d need to keep up to 8 passengers happy, mile after mile. So get it done brilliantly on the daily, or take it on the road with spectacular flair. We’ve built in all the tech and safety essentials to get you there. Introducing the new 2023 PALISADE.

Kid friendly with a kick.

Families need space, lots of it, especially when they’re tired, hungry, bored or all of the above. PALISADE has it covered with three-row seating that’s pure comfort and joy.

A show of confidence.

A cascading grille. Sharp and bold front and rear fascia. Distinctive lighting and eye- catching available 20-inch wheels. Refined luxury meets rugged versatility in the most beautiful way.


Out and about without a doubt.

Never sweat the small stuff. PALISADE has already done that for you. With safety features that think ahead and help look out for you and conveniences that save time and take care of you.


Your phone is the key.

Add your car key to Apple Wallet®. Then hold your iPhone® or Apple Watch® near the door handle to unlock. Text a digital key to compatible phones and share with friends. This feature works with iPhone XR and later, Apple Watch 5 and later, and Galaxy S20 and later, with sharing between phones only when they have the same platforms.

CLASS EXCLUSIVE Available PALISADE feature not available on , or .


Teched out so it’s easy to go all out.

in car hot spot icon

In-Car WiFi Hotspot

Make internet happen just about anywhere you go. Get your WiFi devices online with your own in-vehicle hotspot with a data plan from Verizon.
driver talk icon

Passenger Talk

With this available feature, you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard in the rear seats. A driver can speak directly to 2nd- and 3rd-row passengers via the PALISADE audio system.
dynamic voice recognition icon

Dynamic voice recognition

Turn on the news or change the station without lifting a finger. PALISADE does it all for you at the sound of your voice.

Take the long, long, long way home.

Family comes first, we get it. That’s why PALISADE is big on space, heavy on comfort and easy on parents. We’ve thought of everything—down to improvements in quieting wind and road noise—to keep you feeling relaxed, focused, confident and happy, mile after mile after mile.


Empowering know-it-alls everywhere.

Summer road trips across country are as easy as quick trips to the store because PALISADE keeps your family entertained, informed and energized with huge screens, and plenty of power and connections for everyone’s phones.


Take Control

Of course, you want complete control, you’re the parent. We get it. And PALISADE is there for it with available HTRAC All Wheel Drive. So you’ll have greater traction on rough roads and tighter grip on slippery surfaces. Put it in Tow Mode if you need to tow a trailer, boat, or ATVs. PALISADE can take it with a towing capability of up to 5,000 lbs.


Go darker.

XRT comes with an extra shot of rugged PALISADE attitude, with bold black accents that you’ll see in unique design details, lighting enhancements, and finishes.