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High-performance vehicles built for high-intensity fun.

Hyundai Veloster N

This is N.

It's the first letter of Namyang, the global R&D center where our high-performance models are created. It’s also the first letter of Nürburgring, the epic track where they're rigorously tested and refined. Engineered from our success in the World Rally Championship and Touring Car Racing series, N and N Line vehicles are built to give you a race-inspired rush.

From racetracks to a roaring good time.

Engineered with technology that pushes the limits of performance and fun, our vehicles deliver unbridled thrills around every hairpin corner.

Two levels of performance. Same racing DNA.

Hyundai N Logo
Track-ready power, engineering and technology.


Honed by rigorous testing, N models are created for enthusiasts who crave high performance. At the heart of every N is our most powerful engine, which you can hear through the crackle-and-pop of the exhaust notes. The suspension, transmission, limited slip differential, steering, and brakes are built for maximum driving dynamics – and each can be adjusted for a more personalized driving experience. Even the design gets your pulse racing with N-exclusive badging and aggressive styling.

Hyundai N-Line logo
Race-inspired design and enhanced performance.

N Line

N Line models are outfitted with styling and performance upgrades that set them apart from standard trims. The sporty design elements boost both looks and aerodynamics. With more power, better handling agility, and premium tires, each vehicle makes driving an invigorating rush. Along with superior performance, N Line maintains a balanced combination of tech, safety and comfort.


Our high-performance hatch.
Engineered from our race exploits in the World Rally Championship and Touring Car Racing series, the Veloster N was built to get your adrenaline racing. Equally at home on the track and on winding canyon roads, it's high-performance driving in its most exhilarating form.
Starting at
Up to
28 MPG Hwy
275 hp
19 inch wheels

2022 KONA N

Our high-performance SUV
Introducing the 2022 KONA N. As a high-performance SUV it’s capable of handling the nastiest corners at Nürburgring. As a highly versatile SUV it’s just capable, period. And it’s got all the goods that make every N a rush to drive—from customizable drive modes to the signature crackle-and-pops of the exhausts.
Fall 2021
Get a complete tour highlighting the race-bred features of this high-performance hatch.

2022 KONA N Line

Our sport-performance small SUV
The KONA N Line exhilarates with the aggressive good looks and attitude that bring the spirit of the track to life. It’s got a 195-hp 1.6L turbocharged engine and available All Wheel Drive, plus high tech features like huge standard digital gauges and touchscreen, an available sunroof and standard race-inspired sport seats and finishes. Preproduction model shown.
Starting at:
Up to
35 MPG Hwy
Up to
195 hp


Our sport-performance SUV.
The all-new TUCSON N Line gives the groundbreaking new design an even edgier, track-inspired look and feel. Outside you’re instantly drawn to the more aggressively styled front and rear designs and N Line unique 19-inch alloy wheels. Leather/cloth combination sport seats plus N badging punch up the interior. There’s nothing subtle about it.
Summer 2021


2021 North American Car of the Year™.
The growl of its turbocharged 1.6L GDI 4-cylinder engine, plus its front grille, 18-inch wheels and chrome twin exhaust say it all. ELANTRA N Line is here to play with a driver-centric cockpit and race-inspired everything. Rediscover the thrill of the sport performance in the new ELANTRA N Line.
Starting at:
Up to
36 MPG Hwy
Up to
201 hp
18-inch wheels


Our sport-performance sedan.
The all-new SONATA N Line is the most powerful SONATA ever, with a 290-horsepower engine that takes off with 311-lb. ft. of torque. A quicker steering response and stiffer, sport-tuned suspension make handling more nimble and precise. And the N style upgrades magnify the sportiness of the sleek, coupe-like design.
Starting at:
Up to
33 MPG Hwy
Up to
290 hp
19-inch wheels