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2023 KONA

This is huge.

The KONA goes full-strength SUV in styling, technology and versatility. With a bold face and a long profile, innovative convenience and safety features, and the SUV capability that comes with available All Wheel Drive. It’s the large SUV adventure and sophistication you need, in the small SUV size you love. 

2022 Kona showroom walkaround
A complete guided tour of premium KONA Limited and sporty KONA N Line. Video depicts 2022 models. Current model year vehicles may vary.

The thrillseeker in the family.

KONA N Line serves up adventure just like the rest of the family. N Line’s turbo engine kicks out a roaring 195 hp, and its 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission and race-inspired styling make driving fun again.

2022 Kona N Line
2022 model year shown. 2023 model year vehicle may vary.

Supersize it.

Our large screens bring it, with brightness, clarity, sharpness, you get the picture. They’re a brilliant way to keep you connected and on top of all your information.

2023 Kona Digital Display

Get everything you need to know—important vehicle info, messages, maps and entertainment on the available 10.25-inch screen.

2023 Kona 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster

The available digital display shows all your important driving information clearly and beautifully, like a look into the future.

2023 Kona Digital Display
2023 Kona 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster

A modern movement.

Clean, minimalist, driver-centric style, KONA brings it in spades. From digital screens to upscale materials to an available mood-boosting power sunroof, KONA’s interior design makes every trip a refreshingly modern experience.

2023 Kona dashboard

Well connected and wireless.

Now you can wirelessly connect your iPhone® mobile devices with Apple CarPlay® and access your favorite mobile apps from KONA’s standard 8-inch touchscreen.

Got an Android? Use Android AutoTM to get your smartphone apps, maps and infotainment. No wires needed on our standard 8-inch touchscreen.

You can also use both apps with the available 10.25-inch touchscreen by plugging in.



Smart stuff.

Hyundai Digital Key

Add a few more things to what your smartphone can do. With available Hyundai Digital Key, your smartphone is your key. Use it to unlock your KONA, start the engine and more. Share it with family or friends—just text it to their compatible Android™ phone


Not available on  or 

2022 Kona wireless device charging feature

Power up your phone without the charging wire clutter. Just place your Qi-compatible device on the available charging pad for effortless charging on the go.

Hyundai Digital Key
2022 Kona wireless device charging feature

Confidence is no small feat.

It may be a small SUV, but KONA handles conditions capably and confidently. Its 195-hp turbocharged 1.6L GDI 4-cylinder engine brings power. And KONA’s available All Wheel Drive makes cornering more fun, with a solid grip on even slick streets.


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2022 model year shown. 2023 model year vehicle may vary.
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