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2023 TUCSON Hybrid

More miles of adventure, less gas.

We added an advanced powertrain to everything you love about TUCSON. Even better, HTRAC All Wheel Drive is standard. It’s your journey.


A hybrid that knows how to have fun.

There’s a wide range of places you want to go. That’s why we made HTRAC All Wheel Drive standard on TUCSON Hybrid. And you’ll have more fun getting there, thanks to its e-Handling technology, which combines the Traction Control System and hybrid electric motor to give you tight cornering performance. Power-wise, the potent 1.6L turbo engine, teamed up with a hybrid electric motor, is especially nice for drivers who really love having that extra oomph.

Yes, it can.

It’s no surprise TUCSON Hybrid has rugged SUV capabilities. We also gave it an amazing 38 combined MPG—all powered by a combined 226 hp from the turbo engine and electric motor. And it’s got hands-free smart liftgate to make your journeys easier.

CLASS EXCLUSIVE Hands-free, gesture-free smart liftgate is a next-level convenience you won’t get with  or .

2023 Tucson Hybrid cargo capacity

The future’s wide open.

To make the dash look better, and also give the driver a better look outside, we removed the hood above the available 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster. Our streamlined dash opens up the interior and gives you a clear view of what’s ahead.

2022 Tucson Hybrid gauge cluster

Design is in the details.

Our approach to understated sophistication means finding beauty in the details, from the standout grille that surprises with LED Daytime Running Lights to the rear windshield wiper that’s discreetly tucked away under the spoiler.


It will make your smartphone jealous.

Easy on the eyes. Easy to use. The elegant center stack is a clean, futuristic interface with buttonless yet intuitive controls, and available 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation with standard Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™.


Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

When it came to the interior, we imagined a space that energizes and engages you. For instance, there’s our new Multi-Air Mode technology that literally makes climate control a breeze by softening the airflow. It’s next-level thinking and it sure feels like it, too.

Park at the push of a button.

Now parking is so easy, you don’t even have to be inside the vehicle. We added available Remote Smart Parking Assist. So with your vehicle on, you just press the Smart Key button while standing outside the vehicle, and TUCSON Hybrid parks itself into a tight spot for you. Another push of the button and it easily drives out of the parking space.

2022 Tucson Hybrid smart parking assist
Tucson Limited shown.

Less wires, more control.

Life moves fast. So do we. Staying on top of it means staying connected, so our technology seamlessly turns your smartphone into an integrated feature of TUCSON Hybrid.

2023 Tucson Hybrid wireless connectivity

Your compatible Android smartphone is the key to unlocking doors, starting your engine, and more. It even lets you share your TUCSON Hybrid with other drivers, just text them your Digital Key.


Hyundai Digital Key is the key fob of the future. But presently it’s unavailable for  or .

Tucson Hybrid Digital Key

Our connected car service lets you remotely start your TUCSON Hybrid, lock and unlock the doors, turn on the climate control as well as the available heated and ventilated seats, and more. Even better, it’s included for the first 3 years.

2023 Tucson Hybrid wireless connectivity
Tucson Hybrid Digital Key

Hybrid Advantages

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking

Brakes convert energy into electric power, which recharges the battery.
Better MPG

Better MPG

At lower speeds, the vehicle uses more electric power and less gas.

A battery warranty that goes the distance.

We want you to be confident in what we make—especially our high-capacity lithium ion battery system. Which is why it’s covered for 10 years/100,000 miles.


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