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Hyundai Home

Evolving the way we live.

Hyundai Home - Evolving the way we live

A more electric home for your electric Hyundai.

Not only can you charge your electric Hyundai at home, you also have the power to take charge of your home's energy. Hyundai Home gives you an easy way to produce, store and use your own energy with solar panels, energy storage systems and an EV home charger.

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The Hyundai Home energy ecosystem consists of co-branded solar panels with embedded microinverters, home energy storage units, and home EV chargers. A Hyundai energy management app and dedicated website will keep owners informed on how their ecosystem is performing. Hyundai’s new lineup of IONIQ EVs completes the ecosystem.

The idea of solar energy is still a new and complex space. Customers spend hours doing research to determine what products to use, which ones are the safest and most compatible with their needs.

With Hyundai Home, we are simplifying the process. Through our “one-stop-shop” energy ecosystem we are doing the legwork for the customer.

We offer:

  • Information on the benefits of going solar/electric
  • Soliciting estimates and connecting with local installers
  • Access to (through partnerships) leading brands ensuring top-rated quality products and service
  • Access to a personal energy advisor/concierge to answer questions and make expert recommendations
  • Post-purchase customer care and product warranty

Purchasing Hyundai Home helps streamline the customer’s decision process and experience both pre- and post-sale.

With Hyundai Home, Hyundai is delivering an excellent customer experience that combines Hyundai’s leadership in customer care and service with class-leading partners in energy and electrification. Launching Hyundai Home in collaboration with these industry experts is the perfect way to introduce Hyundai Home to customers looking for a more streamlined way to receive solar and EV charging solutions. For example, we don’t require bundling of our energy storage solution with solar panels. We are including microinverters with our solar panels. Microinverters enable solar panels to operate independently even if one of them is partially in the shade.


We will also be prioritizing an excellent customer experience. The Hyundai Home experience will include a personalized purchase process and ongoing/consistent touch points throughout the customer’s EV journey – ensuring and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our aim is to make going solar, electric and living sustainably as seamless as possible.

Yes! The intention of the Hyundai Home energy ecosystem is to enable customers to generate and utilize clean, sustainable energy in their lives – solar energy to power devices and appliances in the home, as well as their EVs, and when not being used, that clean renewable solar energy can be stored in energy storage units for later use.
Early 2022.
Partnering enables us to offer end-to-end components and services to customers, right out of the gate. Every component available in our Hyundai Home will be available through a one-stop-shop website. By purchasing solar panels with built-in microinverters, as well as available energy storage systems from the same brand, customers can be assured their components will work together seamlessly and be backed by the same brand’s warranty – this was the best way to offer the most integrated, turnkey solution. And last but not least, our solar partner is focused on offering class-leading customer experience – a philosophy that Hyundai shares. Their technology is known for high efficiency and long-lasting high performance; two important characteristics for EV purchasers who want maximum efficiency from their rooftop array.
We are offering a co-branded in home car charging unit with flexible amperage that allows the driver to select the charging speed that is right for them and their home.
Customers can find out about Hyundai Home at select Hyundai dealerships starting soon, as well as at Once available in 2022, customers will be able to learn more at the one-stop-shop Marketplace website.
We chose to partner for the in-home wall charger to ensure safety and technical compatibility with other components as well as with Hyundai electrified models.
Solar components are priced based on an individual customer use case. Every home is unique. EV wall chargers will be competitively priced. The goal is to offer transparency and price consistency. This will make it easy for customers to understand and choose whether they purchase one or all Hyundai Home components.
At launch, no. However, we are still studying different financial options to offer the best products and solutions for our customers.
This could be possible, however, given the high variability these need to be examined on an individual basis with a home energy consultant. There are various factors at play (age of panels, production capacity, different technology, etc.) In addition, the new elements may not be compatible with an existing solar system and new inspections and permits would need to take place to ensure everything is up to code and functioning properly.
We will not be including the wall charger in the price of the EV. Customers will be able to work with their dealers and/or use the one-stop-shop website.
Installation costs will vary according to the customer’s specific situation – where the charger will be installed relative to the home’s electrical panel, condition of the home’s wiring, and similar considerations. Due to this variability, installation costs are separate from and in addition to the charger’s pricing.
There may be opportunities for cost savings when it comes to bundling components, however at this time we cannot share hard figures at this time.
Hyundai Home will offer customers an industry leading warranty. All systems come with a minimum one year production and performance guarantee (except where excluded by law). Certain markets offer extended installation warranties, which can be explained to customers by the Hyundai Home consultant.
At this time, there is no buyback policy available once components are installed.
We encourage interested customers to always check with their Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs), landlords, and/or building managers on permissibility of installing EV wall chargers and solar components in their residences.
At this time, we are working on connecting the MyHyundai app with the Solar and EV charger partners’ apps. Stay tuned for more information prior to when we launch in 2022.