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Electric models

Entirely powered by electricity. With up to 303 miles of range on the IONIQ 5.

Hyundai Electric models
Availability is limited and will vary by location. Not all Hyundai electric vehicles are sold in every state. See specific vehicles for details or contact your Hyundai dealer for availability details.

Electric. And electrifying.

Using motors entirely powered by batteries, our EVs represent the future of driving. Not only do you get instant torque from the motor, the battery gives you impressive range—up to an EPA-estimated combined All-Electric Range of 303 miles with IONIQ 5. It’s also where you’ll find our most innovative technology and design.

Electric advantages

State savings
Several states, local utilities and others offer additional incentives.
Find state incentives
Complimentary charging
IONIQ 5 and KONA Electric owners get limited complimentary charging through Electrify America—on us.
Learn more about complimentary charging
HOV lane
Drive solo in carpool lanes where available.
No more stopping at the gas pump
Charge at home, work or one of the growing number of charging stations.
No oil changes
And no transmission fluid maintenance.
Zero tailpipe emissions
Drive toward a greener tomorrow.
Quick acceleration
The electric motor smoothly delivers instant torque.
Regenerative braking
Brakes convert energy into electricity, which helps recharge the battery.

2023 IONIQ 6

Our next breakthrough IONIQ.
The evolution of the IONIQ family takes a leap forward with our gorgeous newcomer. Its streamlined silhouette and electric performance both take your breath away. Not only does it offer an EPA-estimated range of up to 361 miles, it saves you more time with ultra-fast charging capabilities.
Starting at
Range up to
361 miles
Up to
320 hp/239 kW
20 inch wheels

2023 IONIQ 5

Our breakthrough electric SUV.

IONIQ 5 was the first model we’ve ever built to be exclusively electric—the start of our groundbreaking series of electric models. So, we took a future-forward approach to its ultramodern design, a spacious, innovative interior, game-changing technology, and ultra-fast charging. It’s unlike any EV or SUV out there.


Starting at
EPA-est. range up to
303 miles
Power up to
320 hp/239 kW

KONA Electric

Our all-new, all-electric SUV.

The completely reimagined KONA Electric gives you more of what you want in a compact electrified SUV. From its sleek ultramodern design to its larger, more refined and more tech-centric interior, this EV is absolutely electrifying in every way. 


2024 KONA Electric will be arriving in select states beginning in late 2023.


Late 2023

2023 KONA Electric

Our all-electric SUV.

Taking a bold leap forward, KONA Electric is aggressively styled and outfitted with more premium comforts and tech than ever. With an impressive range of up to 258 miles, our all-electric SUV is ready for adventure.


Starting at
EPA-est. range
258 miles
201 hp/150 kW
17 inch wheels
Getting charged has never been easier.
With an expansive network of DC fast-charging stations across the country, you can feel confident there’s always power ahead. And when you purchase an IONIQ 5 or KONA Electric you get limited complimentary charging through Electrify America—on us.

The benefits of owning an electric vehicle go beyond zero tailpipe emissions and saving money by not using gas. They can include available state tax credits plus state incentives, driving solo in carpool lanes where available, no more oil changes or transmission fluid maintenance, and instant acceleration from the electric motor.



To help show you your possible savings by switching to an electric vehicle, please use our estimated savings calculator.



Among our electric models, currently the furthest you can go on a single charge is up to an EPA-estimated 303 miles with IONIQ 5 and an EPA-estimated 258 miles with KONA Electric./content/dam/hyundai/us/com/content-fragments/global/2023-ioniq-and-kona-electric-combined-range



While an internal combustion car engine contains hundreds of moving parts, an electric motor only needs around half a dozen, significantly reducing the probability of something breaking. No oil changes, either. That's why less maintenance is needed overall. Service should be performed depending on your driving mileage and vehicle maintenance plan. The specially trained personnel at your Hyundai dealer can perform the EV services, such as checking the condition of your battery. It is important to have a comprehensive and specialized check-up, especially as this relates to the high voltage battery. Routine check-ups are important, areas such as brakes, fluids, tires, wipers, battery and cabin filters do require replacement from time-to-time depending on time or mileage. Connect with your local Authorized Hyundai Service Center for details.



Recharging an electric vehicle at Level 2 is like refueling a car with gas but instead of inserting a gas nozzle into the fuel tank, you insert a connector into the charge port. At Level 1, use the 120-volt portable charging cable that comes with your EV to plug into your home’s outlet.



To find the nearest ChargePoint®, Electrify America and other public charging stations, click here



When it comes to charging your electric vehicle, your options will depend on the charging infrastructure where you live. Contact your Hyundai Dealer for more details.



You can charge your electric vehicle at home by installing a 240-volt (Level 2) charger. Contact your Hyundai Dealer for more details. You can also explore purchasing a plug-in hybrid model, which can drive in all-electric mode for up to 33 miles but switches to hybrid mode when the battery is low./content/dam/hyundai/us/com/content-fragments/global/mpg---my22-tucson-phev