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Hybrid models

Use gas and electric to get up to 56 MPG Hwy with ELANTRA Hybrid Blue Trim.

Hyundai Hybrid models

Go the extra mile in style.

Efficiently using both gas and electric, our hybrids take you farther on every tank. And their highly advanced powertrains give you the same responsiveness of their gas-only counterparts if not more.

Hybrid advantages

Better MPG
At lower speeds, the vehicle uses more electric power and less gas.
Regenerative braking
Brakes convert energy into electric power, which recharges the battery.

2024 TUCSON Hybrid

The all-purpose hybrid SUV.
2024 TUCSON Hybrid gives you everything you love about TUCSON—with more MPG and HTRAC All Wheel Drive, standard. Which means you’ll get an all-around versatile AWD hybrid with breakthrough design inside and out, plus the cutting edge in wireless technology and active safety features.
Starting at
Up to
38 MPG Hwy
226 hp

2024 SANTA FE Hybrid

The epically capable hybrid SUV.
Far and away, the perfect compact hybrid SUV to bring joy and adventure to your family is here. It gets up to 36 MPG combined. HTRAC All Wheel Drive is an available option. And now, for the first time ever, 2024 SANTA FE Hybrid has three rows of premium comfort. Totally redesigned and looking more modern and rugged than ever, it’s got all the latest tech and conveniences, too.
Starting at
Up to
36 MPG Combined
231 hp

2024 ELANTRA Hybrid

Our refreshed hybrid sedan with an edge.
Go far between fill-ups and have fun along the way in the refreshed ELANTRA Hybrid, which gives you plenty of power and responsiveness along with an impressive EPA-estimated 58 MPG Hwy. You also get some of our most advanced tech and safety features, as well as a more aggressive look with its new streamlined front fascia. It’s everything you want in a hybrid, and more.
Starting at
Up to
58 MPG Hwy
139 hp
17 inch wheels

2024 SONATA Hybrid

A new benchmark for hybrid sedans.
2024 SONATA Hybrid is here to change the way you feel about hybrid sedans, with a new, ultramodern design that matches its cutting-edge tech and safety. And to top it off you get up to 51 MPG Highway and the responsive handling of e-Dynamic Drive.
Starting at
Up to
51 MPG Hwy
192 hp
17-inch wheels

Hybrids tend to have better fuel efficiency, since they use more electric power and less gas at lower speeds. And their batteries don’t have to be plugged in–they get recharged entirely by regenerative braking.


The same maintenance for a traditional combustion engine model applies for hybrid powertrains, with additional EV specific checkups when going in for your routine service appointment. Follow your intervals as listed in the supplied owner's handbook. If you are considering going HEV and want to learn more about this topic, please connect with a Hyundai Dealer for details.



A hybrid battery pack doesn’t have to be plugged into an outlet. Instead it’s charged by the gas engine and through regenerative braking, which captures energy during braking or deceleration and turns it into electricity.