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Effective Date: January 01, 2018

The purpose of this privacy policy (this "Policy") is to describe to Hyundai Blue Link® subscribers and other users of the Blue Link service (the "Subscriber") what information Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc. ("Sirius XM") and Hyundai Motor America (together with HMA affiliates, Hyundai dealers, and Sirius XM, "HMA," "we," "us" or "our") may collect in connection with the Hyundai Blue Link services, why we collect it and under what circumstances and in what ways that information may be used or shared with our affiliates and third parties. This Policy is in addition to the HMA Website Privacy Policy set forth on the website at and the Hyundai Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy available at The Hyundai Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy is incorporated into and made a part of this Policy by this reference. In the event of any conflict between this Policy, the HMA Website Privacy Policy and/or the Hyundai Vehicle Owner Privacy Policy, this Policy shall govern with respect to the Hyundai Blue Link services.

Subscribers can contact us at any time for any of the purposes specified in this Policy, by emailing us at, by calling us at (855)2BlueLink or by pressing the Blue Link button in their vehicle and speaking to a Blue Link agent.

1. Subscriber Consent

By entering into the Subscriber Agreement for Hyundai Blue Link services, Subscribers consent to our collection, use and sharing of information and the practices and procedures described in this Policy. We may change this Policy at any time and Subscribers can access the current policy online at, or request a copy by emailing us, calling us, writing us or by pressing the Blue Link button in their Vehicle and asking a Blue Link agent. We will use, share, and disclose all personal and other user information in accordance with the Policy in effect at the time the information is collected. Please return frequently to review the current Policy to stay current on what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Continued use of the Hyundai Blue Link services following changes to these terms will mean that a Subscriber accepts these changes. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY PART OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY OR THE BLUE LINK TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY BLUE LINK SERVICES.

By enrolling and/or using Hyundai Blue Link services, Subscribers also consent for themselves (and for other vehicle occupants) to allow us or Hyundai dealerships to contact Subscribers (and other vehicle occupants) about the Hyundai Blue Link services via the Hyundai Blue Link system at their mailing address, by electronic mail address, and at their home, mobile or business phone number on file. Subscribers are given the opportunity during enrollment to specify their preferred form of communication which we will endeavor to use where practical.

2. The Information We Collect

In addition to the information Subscribers provide in connection with their Blue Link enrollment, we may collect and/or develop, and retain an electronic or other record of vehicle and service-related information including: the vehicle's identification number, description, location, speed, direction of travel, time of travel, service data, diagnostic information, eco-related driving performance data, mechanical condition or incidents involving the vehicle including crash severity sensor data, caller identification, Subscriber's (or vehicle occupants') search content, information about anyone making a Hyundai Blue Link call from the vehicle or under a Subscriber's account, the date, time and duration of call and any Blue Link agent notes written during a call.

Subscribers acknowledge that their Hyundai Blue Link-equipped vehicles in general are equipped with one or more sensing or diagnostic modules capable of transmitting certain vehicle data, vehicle location or other information in order to provide some of the Hyundai Blue Link services that we deliver. Our primary purpose in collecting personal and vehicle information from Subscribers and, possibly, other occupants of the Subscriber's vehicle, is to facilitate the provision of Hyundai Blue Link services, to enable HMA and its affiliated dealerships to enhance their ongoing communications and service with their customers who purchase vehicles from them, and to administer the Subscribers' accounts.

For quality assurance purposes, we also randomly monitor or record conversations after activation between the vehicle's occupants and the Blue Link agent, as well as calls to or from our contact centers that occur outside the vehicle. BY ENROLLING IN THE HYUNDAI BLUE LINK SERVICES, SUBSCRIBER CONSENTS, ON BEHALF OF HIMSELF OR HERSELF AND ANYONE USING OR OCCUPYING SUBSCRIBER'S VEHICLE OR MAKING CONTACT WITH US THROUGH ONE OF OUR CONTACT CENTERS, TO SUCH MONITORING AND RECORDING.

3. Use of Subscriber Information

Sirius XM, as an agent for HMA and its affiliated dealerships, uses the information collected and retained from Subscribers and their vehicles for purposes of, among other things, delivering the Hyundai Blue Link services, providing other product information, answering questions or addressing Subscriber complaints, informing Subscribers about special discounts or added services or functions or enhancing and personalizing the communications between individual Subscribers and HMA and its dealerships, and managing Subscribers' accounts. We may also aggregate and otherwise use Subscriber information for a statistical analysis of Hyundai Blue Link service usage in general to improve service quality and to customize the services for individual Subscribers or groups of Subscribers. We do not sell, rent or trade Subscriber information outside of HMA with others except with the consent of Subscriber.

We may record, monitor or determine the location of a Subscriber's vehicle or other information:

  • If the Subscriber or other occupants of the vehicle request Hyundai Blue Link services;
  • If the vehicle's air bag deploys or a severe impact occurs;
  • If the Subscriber reports his/her vehicle is stolen;
  • We are required to do so by applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations; or
  • In connection with our attempts to communicate with the vehicle purchaser or recover the vehicle pursuant to agreements governing the lease or financing of such vehicle.

Upon a Subscriber's cancellation of the Hyundai Blue Link service, unless requested by the Subscriber, we will retain all personal and vehicle information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes or for a period of time necessary to comply with HMA retention policies, applicable law, any applicable statute of limitation, or this Policy.

4. Disclosure of Subscriber Information

We share Subscriber information outside of HMA with others such as suppliers to provide services for us and our business partners to conduct joint marketing programs and with roadside assistance providers, emergency service dispatchers and providers, individuals the Subscriber designated upon enrollment as emergency contacts and other specific service providers (e.g., concierge services) for the purpose of delivering the Hyundai Blue Link services requested by the Subscriber or other occupants in the Subscriber's vehicle or to facilitate communication with the vehicle purchaser or recover the vehicle pursuant to agreements governing the lease or financing of such vehicle by HMA affiliates. We also share pertinent information with law enforcement authorities in response to a Subscriber's request to locate a vehicle that the Subscriber has reported as stolen. For other purposes, we may provide aggregate statistics about Subscribers and related Hyundai Blue Link service information to third parties, but these statistics will not include any personal identifying information. When required, we may be compelled to release information to comply with the law or orders of courts or other governmental authorities, or to enforce or apply the terms of the Subscriber Agreement for Hyundai Blue Link services. For example, we may be legally compelled to provide location data and other information to law enforcement agencies, pursuant to validly issued subpoenas or court orders.

5. Updating or Changing Subscriber Account Information

Subscribers may review, modify, correct, or update the information they provide us at any time by emailing us, calling us, writing us, updating their information directly in  or by pressing the Blue Link button in their vehicle and speaking to a Blue Link agent.

6. Protection of Subscriber Information

We maintain data security measures with the goal of protecting the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. For example, depending upon the applications, we employ the use of encryption technologies and user authentication systems such as passwords and personal identification numbers. All information is stored using commercially reasonable security measures. We use industry standard practices to protect the privacy of Subscriber information.

7. Security on a Cellular Telephone Network

In providing Hyundai Blue Link services to Subscribers, voice and data are transmitted between Sirius XM response centers and Subscriber vehicles over a cellular telephone network. This network is complex and not necessarily secure. Therefore, the privacy and security of conversations or data transmitted to and from the vehicle cannot be guaranteed.

8. Unsubscribe or Opt-out

We offer you the opportunity to opt-out of the Hyundai Blue Link services or from receiving promotional email or mail about our products and services by emailing us, calling us, writing us, updating your preferences on , or by pressing the Blue Link button in your Vehicle and speaking to a Blue Link agent.

  • For email, subscribers may opt-out at any time by using the unsubscribe mechanism within the email. The unsubscribe mechanism allows subscribers to manage their subscription preferences to email alerts and special offers. Notwithstanding the above, this mechanism does not allow subscribers to opt-out of receiving transactional email, such as registration confirmation, vehicle updates and responses to direct requests.
  • For calls or direct mail, subscribers may opt-out at or by calling (855)2BlueLink.
  • If the Subscriber information provided will be available to third parties, a Subscriber will also be given the opportunity to opt-out from this practice at or by calling (855)2BlueLink.
  • A Subscriber also may write to us directly to: (a) update or delete contact information; (b) ask that we not share personal information with third parties; (c) opt out or request that we cease sending promotional or other information via mail or email; or (d) address any other question or concern. Such written requests should be sent to Hyundai Motor America/Phoenix, P.O. Box 83835, Phoenix, AZ 85071-3835.

At the time information is collected from a Subscriber, other choices about how the information may be used will be explained.

If a Subscriber has opted out of receiving future emails from us, we will implement such opt-out request within ten (10) business days of our receiving the opt-out request. If a Subscriber has opted out of receiving future promotional materials by regular mail, we will implement such opt-out request within a commercially reasonable time. In those instances, we will retain a Subscriber's information in a "do not promote" file in our database, and the Subscriber will receive no further communications from us as required by law.

9. Your California Privacy Rights 

Under California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as Senate Bill 27, or "Shine the Light," law, California residents with whom we have an established business relationship are entitled to request and receive, free of charge, once per calendar year, a copy of our California Information Sharing Disclosure Notice about the customer information we shared, if any, with other business for their own direct marketing uses in the previous calendar year. Subscribers may call (855)2BlueLink to request a copy, or email us at We will provide the requested information to Subscribers at their email address in response. Please be aware that not all information sharing is covered by the "Shine the Light" requirements, and only information on covered sharing will be included in our response.