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Types of data we collect about you

Here’s a quick summary of the types of information we’re gathering—either directly from you or from third parties, through your use of our products and services or your interactions with us.

Data that identifies you

Data that identifies you

Unique info which distinguishes you from everyone else
Audio and visual data

Audio and visual data

Electronic data related to vehicle usage/interactions with us
Commercial information

Commercial information

Records of products/services used, purchased or considered
Geolocation data

Geolocation data

Location records of where your vehicle or device have been
Internet usage data

Internet usage data

Electronic data such as browsing, search history & web interaction
Biometric data

Biometric data

Vehicle access data such as fingerprint or face recognition
Inferences & trends

Inferences and trends

Profiles reflecting preferences, characteristics or behavior
Customer records

Customer records

Payment info, credit card numbers & related data

Sometimes we use your data individually, while sometimes we may combine it with other information to generate comprehensive group statistics for research and analytics. Collecting personal information helps us improve our products, services and how we operate our business. Here are the primary ways we use it.




Providing you with services related to running our business


We may obtain information about you to provide, maintain or improve our services. This may include authenticating you as a user of our systems to perform technical operations (such as updating software), communicating with you about our services, vehicles or other products, responding to your requests, administering events that you participate in, fulfilling your orders, processing your payments, providing technical support, or any other customer service or support purposes.


Read our full policy on how we use data to run our business



Safety, recall and warranty


We gather personal information for safety, recall and warranty purposes, such as to send recall notices, process recall and warranty claims, and for other purposes related to vehicle safety.


Read our full policy on how we use data for safety




Analyzing and improving our services and offerings


We collect information to better understand how you access and use our vehicles, services and other products. How we apply this information includes research into evaluating and improving our services and business operations, developing new features, products or services, or improving your user experience with our services.


Read our full policy on how we use data to understand you better




Personalizing content and experiences


To tailor content to your needs, we collect data such as your location and other content. This is used to personalize information, instructions and experiences, as well as to reach you with more relevant ads and to measure the success of our advertising campaigns.


Read our full policy on how we use data for personalized content




Marketing and promotional purposes


We may collect user data to send you things that may be of interest to you, such as newsletters, offers, products, promotions, contests or any other information or services.


Read our full policy on how we use data for marketing




Supporting our general business operations 


Sometimes data collection is necessary for the administration of our general business, accounting, record keeping and legal functions. Examples of this include analyzing our business or operational risks and results, collecting outstanding amounts owed, or maintaining business records.


Read our full policy on how we use data for our operations




Securing and protecting our rights


Data collection may be necessary to protect our business operations. Examples include securing our network, information technology, assets or services; investigating, preventing or taking action against violations of our Terms; or detecting and preventing unauthorized access, fraudulent activities or any other misconduct that may threaten the rights or safety of any person or third party.


Read our full policy on how we use data to protect our rights




Complying with legal requests and obligations


We may use any data we collect to comply with the law or legal proceedings. For example, we may disclose information in response to subpoenas, court orders, and other lawful requests by regulators and law enforcement, including responding to national security or law enforcement disclosure requirements.


Read our full policy on how we use data for legal requests




We share your data with two types of affiliate partners outside of the Hyundai organization: authorized Hyundai dealers and select third parties such as vendors and suppliers, who use such data to perform services on our behalf. We may share information like driving data and geolocation data, which they may use to better serve you, provide relevant offers, or respond to your requests. Otherwise, your information remains private unless we have your consent to share it.




The more you know about your information and your choices, the better. You have the right to access the information we have on you, opt out of marketing communications, and more. To find out more about your rights regarding your information and privacy, please check out the complete Hyundai Privacy Policy for further details.


View Hyundai Privacy Policy




Cookies, beacons and other tracking mechanisms automatically collect information as you browse sites and services. We use them and our third-party partners use them to help with everything from verifyng credentials and preventing fraud to tracking errors and improving our site. You can turn them off, but this may mean that we won’t be able to recognize you for in-app messaging or for resolving issues as efficiently.




Residents of California have additional rights regarding personal information. You can check out what’s provided for you under California privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).




We reserve the right to change our policy at any time, and will post any changes on our policy pages. Feel free to check back with us. If you have any concerns about your privacy at Hyundai, please visit our Contact Us page.