Nothing goes unnoticed.
All our attention to detail is about more than looking good.
It's about creating a better driving experience.
Our cars come with more room, value and bragging rights.
We task our engineers with designing vehicles that are a class above. That means loading many higher-class comforts into a much more affordable package. And finding ways to make the interior of our cars so spacious that the EPA classifies them as a class above what they actually are. All while outfitting the cabin with rich features normally found in vehicles that cost thousands more. Take our compact Elantra, which has the interior space of a midsize car and is packed with features like front and rear heated leather seats and a seven-inch touchscreen navigation system. In fact, Elantra was just named 2012 North American Car of the Year. How's that for designing for a class above?
See how we design every vehicle to compete at a class above its price range.
Design inspired by nature. And better for it, too.
We incorporate the energy and movement found in nature's contours into the silhouette of every Hyundai vehicle. The dynamic curl of an ocean wave. The way the wind sculpts a snow bank. The flowing lines of canyon walls. It's a style we call Fluidic Sculpture. And its benefits go far beyond striking good looks. By using natural forms, we've actually made our vehicles lighter, more aerodynamic, more energy efficient. It's the least we can do to pay Mother Nature back for giving us such elegant design inspiration.
See how we're able to build more efficient vehicles by using designs inspired by nature.
Hyundai concept cars
We don't just design cars. We engineer ideas. And our concept cars give everyone at Hyundai the opportunity to explore, discover and think far beyond what's possible today. Here are the latest visions of our automotive future, straight from the innovative minds at Hyundai.
Protecting the environment one innovation at a time.
We challenged our engineering and design team to find new ways to lower our impact on the environment. They responded with a host of innovative and sustainable energy solutions that have formed the basis of our Blue Drive® program. They invented an eco-driving system that lowers fuel consumption, and an eco-telematics service that guides drivers to travel using the most energy-efficient route. And they created a regenerative braking system that can capture and recycle energy created during deceleration. Energy savings like these add up. Hyundai is quickly becoming one of the industry's most fuel efficient companies.

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