2019 IONIQ Hybrid
$22,400 Starting MSRP*
offer Save up to
  • 57/59/58 MPG City/Hwy/Combined*
  • Up to 690 mile range
Offers may vary by location. Please click "Get this deal" for details in your area.
Own it for its MPG.
Love it for everything else.
The Ioniq Hybrid gets such great mileage and efficiency, we can’t say enough about its MPG. But add to its clean aerodynamic shape its modern styling, solid engineering and advanced tech, and it can’t be beat. Everything we love about Ioniq is all here, and better than ever.

Higher combined MPG than Toyota Prius*
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The results say it all.
Awards and accolades show how we make driving safer,
more convenient and ultimately more rewarding.
2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick when equipped with optional Automatic Emergency Braking and HID headlights*
2017 Women’s World Car of the Year-Supreme Winner*
2017 Women’s World Green Car of the Year*
Safety is always our first priority.
Our available advanced safety features work together to keep you aware of situations that could compromise your safety and the well-being of those around you.
Available Automatic Emergency Braking
with Pedestrian Detection*
You’ll get an alert, and even emergency braking, if necessary, when it detects slowing or stopped vehicles and/or pedestrians that could become potential collisions.
Available Blind Spot Detection with
Rear Cross-traffic Alert*
Hear and see warnings when Ioniq Hybrid detects vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. In reverse gear, you’ll be alerted when vehicles approach from the side.
Available Lane Keep Assist*

If you drift outside of your lane without signaling, available Lane Keep Assist will alert you, or even help steer you safely back into your lane.
Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ support*
Use your go-to apps when you’re on the go.
Through voice and Ioniq Hybrid’s touchscreen, you can get to your favorite music, maps, messages, calling and more, seamlessly and safely.
Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto support*: Not available
on Toyota Prius*
Charge your phone without the cord.
Wireless device charging*
No plugging in necessary. Just place your Qi-standard smartphone on the center console charging pad and charge while you drive.
Cruising is easier—and safer—than ever.
Smart Cruise Control*
Ioniq Hybrid automatically slows down and keeps itself at a safe distance from any vehicle it detects ahead of you in your lane.
60/40 split-folding rear seatback
Space and flexibility you can appreciate.
Ioniq Hybrid has plenty of cargo space for pets, sports gear, band equipment, you name it. Ioniq’s large hatch makes that space easily accessible, and its 60/40 split-folding rear seatback adds great space and flexibility for carrying both friends and stuff.
Available heated front seats
Stay warm. Ride happy.
A simple button push and your front seats warm you up
from within.
Proximity Key
No more fumbling with the key.
With the standard Proximity Key in your pocket, you can unlock or lock your car, and start the engine with the easy push of a button.
Blue Link® complimentary for 3 years*
Control Ioniq Hybrid from your favorite devices, or simply your voice.
Voice-activated search is just the beginning. Access remote lock, engine start with climate control, in-car maintenance scheduling, and more. It’s easy with Blue Link® Connected Car Service, in the car, on smartphone, smartwatch, and Amazon Echo.
Remote Lock/Unlock
Conveniently lock or unlock your car remotely, especially if you lock your keys in your car, via the MyHyundai with Blue Link mobile app on your smartphone.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
If your Hyundai is stolen, file a report with local police and the Blue Link Customer Care agent will help police locate your vehicle, and trigger remote commands for fast immobilization and recovery.
Destination search by voice
The most current Points of Interest are at your fingertips via Destination Search powered by Voice.
Available Integrated Memory System
Your preferred settings at the simple touch of a button.
It’s nice to be remembered. Ioniq memorizes how you and another driver like your seat and mirror positioned. Just press a button and your driving settings are automatic.

More cargo space than the Chevrolet Bolt*
Available Clari-Fi™ Music Restoration
Finally, digital music that doesn’t sound so digital.
Hear what you’re missing. With this new technology, audio that gets lost through digital compression is fully restored, making your music sound better than ever.
Sound-absorbing materials
Smoother. Quieter. A truly solid ride.
Peace and quiet feels good. We added sound-absorbing materials and air curtains to manage airflow and aerodynamics, to give you a smoother, more peaceful ride.
Advanced high-strength steel
Stronger. Lighter. Quicker.
Just the right materials in all the right places makes Ioniq Hybrid stronger, quicker and more efficient.
  • Weight-saving aluminum
  • Advanced high-strength steel
  • Aircraft-grade structural adhesives
Available Dynamic Bending Light and High Beam Assist
Lights that turn when you do, and high beams that dim automatically.
Visibility around curves is critical to safety. Ioniq’s headlights turn in sync with your steering to light the way wherever you go. And to keep you even safer, High Beam Assist dims high beams automatically when oncoming traffic approaches, so everyone can see and be seen when driving at night.
Eco-friendly materials
Eco Smart choices all around.
We put great thought into every detail of our work, using natural and renewable materials, bio-fabrics, recycled plastics and other eco-friendly materials. The end result is a product that looks good, lasts,
and supports the earth.
Hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every Hyundai.
For over 21 years, every owner who has purchased a Hyundai has brought hope to a child living with cancer.* That’s because with every Hyundai sold, a donation is made to Hope On Wheels. Together we have raised over $160 million to fight pediatric cancer.

Let’s find the right IONIQ Hybrid for you.

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