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Three rows of luxurious comforts, conveniences, top-tier tech and safety features transform the way you travel. 2024 PALISADE.
It’s your journey.
The 2024 Palisade Calligraphy vs Toyota Highlander Platinum
See how 2023 PALISADE Calligraphy measures up against 2023 Toyota Highlander Platinum.
Video depicts 2023 model. Current model year vehicle may vary.
View PALISADE in a environmental setting. View PALISADE in an environmental setting.
View the exterior of PALISADE. See PALISADE from the front seat. See PALISADE from the back seat.
It’s a glamorous life PALISADE is serving up, with extraordinary SUV comfort and convenience with spectacular flair.
2024 Palisade Calligraphy Night side profile

PALISADE Calligraphy Night Edition

Bring on the Night with bold, dark trim details.

7- or 8-passenger seating
Families need space, lots of it, especially when they’re tired, hungry, bored or all of the above. PALISADE has it covered with three-row seating that’s pure comfort and joy.

Out and about without a doubt.

Never sweat the small stuff. PALISADE has already done that for you. With safety features that think ahead and help look out for you and conveniences that save time and take care of you.

Your phone is the key.

With this available feature, you can add your car key to Apple Wallet®. Then hold your iPhone® or Apple Watch® near the door handle to unlock. Text a digital key to compatible phones and share with friends. This feature works with iPhone XR and later, Apple Watch 5 and later, and Galaxy S20 and later, with sharing between phones only when they have the same platforms.

CLASS EXCLUSIVE Available PALISADE feature not available on , or .