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The completely renewed Sonata Hybrid changes the way you look at hybrids, starting with its dramatic sports coupe silhouette. Even the LED lights astonish, beautifully integrated with the chrome trim, hidden until they illuminate. Inside, sleek accommodations indulge the senses with upscale features. If it wasn’t for its roughly 680 miles of range, you just might forget it’s a hybrid. And because it’s a Hyundai, it comes with 3 years of complimentary maintenance.

Free energy, compliments of the sun.

When it comes to maximizing efficiency, the sky’s no longer the limit - it’s where Sonata Hybrid gets free power. The available roof solar panels charge the batteries, generating enough electric power to increase driving range by about 2 miles every day. You could get as much as 700 extra miles of battery power per year.



2 miles a day powered by the sun

A refined vision of the future.

As beautiful as it looks, Sonata Hybrid is loaded with next-level technology that’s just as stunning.


This ingeniously convenient app transforms your compatible Android phone into a key of the future. Use it as a key fob - or remotely unlock your car and start the engine. It automatically adjusts your preferred settings for seats, side mirrors, and more. And you can even share the Digital Key with family and friends via their compatible Android phones.


The available hi-res 10.25-inch touchscreen is the largest in its class, providing a central interface that’s both elegant and intuitive.


With this class-exclusive feature, when the turn signals are on, the instrument gauges display the camera feed’s view of your blind spot that provides about an additional 25 degrees of visibility over the outside mirrors.


A bolder breed of hybrid.

The reasons to drive a hybrid used to be purely practical then came the Sonata Hybrid. From the aggressive, new face with its imaginative lighting to the rear fastback styling with its exclusive spoiler, it dares to do what hybrids have never done before: stand out.

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Preproduction non-U.S. model with optional features shown.