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Hyundai x Annie Leibovitz Journeys.

Celebrating the people and journeys that inspire us.

Hyundai x Annie Liebovitz Journeys


Jaehoon Chang


Hyundai Motor Company President & CEO Jaehoon Chang is leading the company's transformation to a smart mobility solutions provider and electrified mobility. He has a vision to meet the growing demands for cutting-edge design and safe, zero-emissions vehicles, now and in the future. Under President Chang's leadership, Hyundai Motor Company announced in 2022 that it aims to introduce 17 EV models and sell 1.87 million units of EVs annually by 2030 worldwide. He has also achieved success in other key areas such as initiating significant organizational reforms, paving the way for a more flexible workplace culture and open communication channels between leadership and employees.



José Muñoz

José Muñoz is driven. Born in Spain, José has a well-earned reputation as a transformational leader who motivates teams to do more than they thought possible. His teams have achieved record results in all his global roles, including his current one as President and Global COO of Hyundai Motor Company and the President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America. Hyundai Motor Company is now the third largest automaker in the world.

With a PhD in nuclear engineering as well as an MBA, this multilingual leader combines strategy, disciplined execution, and emotional intelligence in supporting the talented women and men of Hyundai in the Americas. José is inspired by the women in his life – his mother, wife, daughters, and sisters – for whom he credits his deep sense of empathy in how he works with people. Given his global background, he keenly understands the need for localization and is helping to bring the best of America and Korea to the company’s expansion in the U.S.


Kate Fabian

As Director of Marketing Communications for Hyundai Motor America, Kate’s expertise spans across brand and multicultural marketing to media strategy, experiential marketing, and national and regional dealer advertising. A spirited Aussie, Kate has traveled much of the world, experiencing life, and immersing herself in culture. She loves connecting with people through the different stages of their lives. She has tended cattle, driven tractors, and can salsa like it’s nobody’s business. But if there’s one thing she’s most proud of, it’s being a mom to Luca and Leo, lively and lovable sons she shares with husband Andres. Though her life is full, she still looks forward to many adventures ahead.


Nikolete Nikravan

Nikolete is an inspiration to many. Raised by her single dad, an immigrant from Iran, she learned from his relentless dedication to provide for others. Despite her  struggles with math in high school, and the uncertainty of pursuing college, she is now a high school math teacher. She helps students both in and out of her classroom tackle math on TikTok. With videos that range from solving multi-step equations to building confidence and positive relationships, she has over 191K followers on the platform. Nikolete loves her TUCSON—so much so that she created a series of TikTok videos about the car—and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. 


Peter Lanzavecchia

Peter is a long-standing Hyundai dealer since 1999. Among his many achievements, Peter has won numerous awards of excellence and has served on the Board of Directors for the Eastern Region Hyundai Dealer Advertising Association, for Hyundai Hope On Wheels®, and other charitable organizations.


Liza Borches

Liza is CEO and President of one of the fastest-growing Hyundai dealerships in the country. Since Liza started in this position, the dealership has doubled in size. Liza is also part of a nonprofit initiative that helps families without stable, reliable transportation. As someone who foresees an industry that changes and requires complicated decisions, Liza says of the families she aims to help, “Our mission is to be their trusted advisor, so our actions today are going to impact our ability to have that relationship five and 10 years from now.”


Jordan Abdur-Ra’oof

Jordan is a finance graduate. He left the corporate world to pursue environmental causes, taking a position at a climate startup. He is also the creator of a platform helping Black and underrepresented artists to promote and monetize their work. His dream is to “create a world that is better for future generations in terms of climate work, storytelling & economic development.”


Eunique Jones Gibson

Do Great Work. Be a Good Person.” That’s the 24/7 mantra that drives Culture Brands CEO Eunique Jones Gibson. The founder and publisher of Because of Them We Can™ , Eunique has won awards for her ability to find the good and deliver this message to millions of people daily. A true “creative powerhouse,” Eunique believes in the power of people, purpose, laughter, chocolate, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.


Sonia Bell

Sonia is an executive leader of the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education where “we work to increase equitable access to cancer care, clinical trials, and resources for patients throughout Georgia.” While many can credit Sonia for the care they’ve received, Sonia credits her SANTA CRUZ for helping protect her family. When a large tree fell on her car, her family walked away from the incident, safe and sound.


Jorge Roman & Raffaela Klinglmayr

Wanderlust has led to adventure and discovery for digital nomads Jorge and Raffaela. Transforming their SANTA CRUZ into an overlanding vehicle, they’ve traveled cross country with their dog Luna—mountain biking in Moab and trekking across New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Jorge sums it up this way: “The idea that I could traverse such an expanse and experience so many different climates, landscapes, people, cultures and food, all while traveling in my vehicle truly excites me.”


Paul Imhoff

Sometimes the journeys that are cut short are the most precious of all. Paul’s journey of hope began when his younger son, Reese Imhoff was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare pediatric bone cancer. With the support of the community, friends, and family, Paul, his wife Christy and son Max continue their fight against pediatric cancer, searching for a cure that unfortunately did not happen in time to save Reese. But it is stories like Reese’s that drive Hyundai Hope On Wheels to relentlessly pursue novel research, innovative therapies and funding effective treatments with one goal in mind, that no child will ever suffer from pediatric cancer.


Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly’s Hyundai journey spans generations. His father, Donald, one of the first 50 Hyundai dealers, helped found Hope on Wheels to help fight pediatric cancer. His children get to see and appreciate how he cares for customers, co-workers and community every day. Active in numerous civic and charitable organizations, Kevin is committed to Hope on Wheels’ mission to end childhood cancer. Today every new Hyundai sold generates a donation to this worthy cause.


Mike Brown

During COVID lockdown, this Oak Forest, Illinois high school history teacher and basketball coach drove his Hyundai TUCSON 3,000+ miles in just 10 days to historical sites and streamed on location to bring 40 history lessons to life for his students. For Mike Brown, going the extra mile has made everyone’s journey extra special.


Brent Pease

Atlanta-based 10x Iron Man finisher, triathlon trainer and Hyundai SANTA FE owner Brent Pease co-founded The Kyle Pease Foundation with his brother Kyle, who was born with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Their mission is to help people living with disability find courage, resilience and normalcy through athletic achievement. From training and support to building awareness for inclusivity, his journey is a triumph for the disabled community. “Kyle uses my legs,” Brent says, “and I use his spirit.”


Ricky Lao

Born in Taiwan, Ricky’s family moved to America when he was three-years old. Growing up in Southern California, he developed a keen interest in automobiles. After graduating from UCLA, he went on to earn his MBA at the University of Michigan. Joining Hyundai in 2010, Ricky quickly rose through the ranks to his current position as Director of Product Planning for Hyundai where his journey continues.



Nathan Thomas

By day, an engineer. By night, CEO of All We Are . His nonprofit organization provides sustainable energy solutions to Uganda. His 200k-mile Hyundai ACCENT has been there for the journey to this point, having moved him across the country, between jobs, and now transports him as he strives to power every school and health center in Uganda by 2025.



Athena Brown

She may wear steel-toe boots to work every day, but her fashion sense shines in her ever-changing eyeglass collection. With a Chemical Engineering degree and an eye for detail, Athena is perfectly outfitted for her role in Quality Control overseeing exterior parts and paint for all vehicles in Hyundai Motor America’s Montgomery, Alabama plant. But her journey extends beyond her job at Hyundai. With her passion and enthusiasm for life, this dedicated wife and mother brings joy to all who know her.



Katherine Morin Mitchell

Everyone can feel a little homesick at times, but when Katherine’s journey moved her to Maine, she missed the taste of her hometown Los Angeles. The granddaughter of a Mexican-American community leader in East Los Angeles, Katherine could not bear to leave behind her culinary roots. So from a humble trailer, she launched Luchador Tacos, bringing her street-style tacos on her journey from East Los Angeles to the East coast. Today this Hyundai PALISADE owner proudly claims success for her business in the opening of a string of taquerias, and hundreds of satisfied eaters craving for more.



Tracy Bailey

Tracy’s journey has always centered around his family and his home state. Tracy grew up in rural Alabama where he learned his way around an engine by helping his uncles fix tractors and farm equipment to live off the land. Today he’s a proud father of four girls and continues to use his mechanical skills in Engine Machining at the Hyundai Motor America factory in Montgomery, Alabama.


Danielle Woodhouse Johnson

From her days in the Peace Corps to now helping rehabilitate people who have survived trauma, Danielle’s journey has always been about helping others. Having grown up in a low-income household herself, she understands their needs. Today she uses her talent to run Oasis Alliance , the nonprofit she founded. With the help of her husband Rodney and generous, talented members of the community, she provides home makeovers for families who have lived in shelters, homeless veterans, children who have been abused and cancer survivors. Her dedication and commitment make her a light and resource for those who need it most.


Michael Johnson

Paralyzed from the chest down at the age of 12 in a motorcycle race, Michael has overcome all obstacles to make a name for himself in the sport car racing world. As co-driver of the #54 Universal Coating Hyundai VELOSTER N TCR, his journey and his spirit to win on the racetrack, and in life, are a true inspiration. 


Nicole Marie Isbell

Graphic artist Nicole describes her work of colorful tie-dyed textiles, paintings, hand-crafted greeting cards and drawing as a “visual diary.” She’s also a dedicated volunteer. After Lynch Syndrome claimed the life of a close friend, Nicole became deeply involved with “Cards Against Cancer.” The charity benefits research on the condition that increases risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer and several other cancers. When she’s not creating art or volunteering, Nicole can be found in her Hyundai SANTA FE painting the town in Austin or playing in Hill Country with her dogs.


Erik Thomas

Having grown up with both his father and grandfather working in the car business, it was natural for Erik to follow in their footsteps. What he brings to the job—and to life—every day, is openness, inclusion, and the desire and ability to make a difference. That’s what Erik is all about. Whether it’s in his community, or on a national stage as the Director of Experiential and Multicultural Marketing at Hyundai Motor America, Erik welcomes and engages people from every walk of life to help them on their own journeys, making a positive impact one person at a time.



Taylor Kickbush

Entrepreneur, engineer and FAA graphic designer, Taylor finished writing her first novel Endless in August , while stranded in Peru during the COVID lockdown. Driving cross-country in her Hyundai SONATA, she documents her journey with Oliver, her cat, and one day hopes to see the world from a hot air balloon.



Mary Le

Overcoming the odds and changing the workplace culture best describes Mary Le’s path to success. The daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Mary was the first female engineer at Hyundai Motor America, and for a while the only one. Her pioneering spirit and journey have led her to the position of Senior Group Manager, Model Line and Accessory Engineer. 



Brandon Ramirez

Brandon, a “car guy” from an early age, followed his passion into the automotive world by pushing innovation during his 13-year journey in Product Planning at Hyundai Motor America. Never one to stay idle, he continues to innovate his role as Director, CSR & External Relations, as well as the chair of Hyundai’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group, Amigos Unidos, and dedicates his spare time and passion into raising his three children.



Olabisi Boyle

Born in New York City and raised in Nigeria and Harlem, Olabisi's journey is one of perseverance and passion. She's overcome some serious challenges, including being shot in a robbery at age 14. She then entered college at 16 and built an impressive career that has helped change the industry. She has led innovation, engineering and connectivity for some of the world's most dynamic brands. She now puts her passion and experience into Hyundai, and now serves as the Vice President of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America. 


Angela Zepeda

Angela Zepeda's journey to Hyundai has been colorful and unique. With a keen interest in design and fashion, Angela was named Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor America in the fall of 2019, the first woman in the company’s C-Suite.

Angela enjoys challenging the status quo. In 2021, she led Hyundai Evolve, which allows consumers to shop for vehicles on the Amazon platform⎯the first automotive partnership of its kind with the global e-commerce platform. She is also leading the charge to transform Hyundai from a value brand to one recognized for safety, style, comfort, and sustainability. Her creativity and commitment to excellence are an asset to the brand and team at a pivotal time in Hyundai's story.


Randy Parker

Randy Parker was born in Nuremberg, Germany and grew up in Houston, Texas. Randy has always stood out from the crowd but learned about the power of teamwork early in life. A star basketball player at Texas Christian University, Randy has applied the lessons he learned on the court to his more than 25 years of experience in the automotive business.

Be aggressive, be humble and leave everything on the floor!

Randy's journey has taken him from Detroit to Japan, and now he's planted roots in Huntington Beach, California where he is now Hyundai Motor America’s President & CEO. It’s easy to see why Randy was destined to stand out.


Chairman Euisun Chung

Executive Chair Euisun Chung leads all Hyundai Motor Group businesses: automotive, automotive parts, steel, construction, shipping and finance sectors. He is focused on executing the Group's vision, "Together for a Better Future." This vision, first nurtured by his grandfather and his father, now rests squarely on the shoulders of Euisun Chung.

Under Mr. Chung's leadership, the Group has accelerated the development of battery-electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles resulting in the multiaward-winning E-GMP platform. The E-GMP is the foundation of Hyundai's groundbreaking IONIQ 5, Kia EV6 and Genesis GV60 models. He continues to advance the Group's mission to transform the automaker into a future mobility solutions provider by creating advanced, sustainable mobility solutions, such as urban air mobility, purpose-built vehicles and robotics.

With an eye towards the future and a deep appreciation for the past, Executive Chair Chung is breathing new life into his grandfather's legacy while forging his own mission to advance "Progress for Humanity."


Sangyup Lee

Great design captivates and inspires, now and for generations to come. Sangyup’s journey has intersected with many of our own, with his wonderful innovative and creative work touching lives all over the globe. Talented and strategic, Sangyup Lee made his mark, successfully shaping the creative direction for several world-renowned luxury auto brands. Sangyup’s elegant style, creativity and competitive edge delight us all in Hyundai’s latest EV concepts, which garnered him the coveted Grand Prize of Design in the 36th Festival Automobile International (FAI). He continues his great, award-winning work and 22 leadership as Senior Vice President, Hyundai Motor Company and Head of the Hyundai Global Design Center.