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Have a question and prefer to chat now? Call 844-966-3434 to have a conversation with a Hyundai Specialist who can provide answers, help you gather information and more.



Progress that stops you in your tracks.

There’s nothing subtle about it. TUCSON’s brand-new design takes things up a notch with a sleek roofline, chiseled surfaces, and muscular fenders. It’s a contemporary look that feels right for today—but with a distinctively fresh take.

Your new favorite room. And it’s roomier.

Step inside TUCSON and you’ll be welcomed by a spacious, streamlined space that takes care of you. Intelligently designed with intuitive innovations, premium amenities and larger cargo space—everything’s thoughtfully arranged with you in mind.

A lot of effort went into making our tech effortless.

Even the most state-of-the-art technology can’t do much for you unless it’s intuitive. That’s why TUCSON’s tech is rigorously developed to make your drive more enjoyable and your life a little easier.


Preproduction model with optional features shown. Specifications, equipment, and options are subject to change without notice. Some items may be unavailable when vehicle is built.