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3 Years

Automatic Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification

Receive an automatic diagnostic notification in the event a warning indicator is activated.

Monthly Vehicle Health Report

Receive a vehicle health evaluation of key vehicle systems along with a snapshot of your current mileage.

Service Link

Conveniently schedule a Car Care Appointment with your preferred service dealer right from your vehicle.

Maintenance Reminder

Receive notifications in advance of regularly scheduled maintenance intervals for your Hyundai.

Driving Information

Enhance your driving experience and improve your driving habits with key visual metrics from your most recent trip. 

On-Demand Diagnostics

For added peace of mind, run an in-vehicle diagnostic system check and receive recommendations if an issue is found.

Automatic Collision Notification (ACN)

In the event of an accident with a deployed airbag, your vehicle will automatically contact the Blue Link Emergency Response Center.  If needed, the agent will dispatch emergency assistance and remain on the line.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Blue Link provides your vehicle's location and account information automatically so you don't have to worry about knowing where you are when you need assistance.

SOS Emergency Assistance

Request emergency assistance 24/7, 365 days a year, by pressing the dedicated SOS button in your vehicle.

Blue Link Mobile App

The smartphone app provides easy access to remote features and additional services on most Apple and Android devices.

3 Years

Remote Door Lock / Unlock

Lock and unlock your vehicle doors from virtually anywhere via the web or smartphone app.

Remote Horn & Lights

Activate your vehicle's Horn & Lights remotely to enhance safety and security or to find your vehicle in a crowd.

Remote Start with Climate Control

Start your Hyundai remotely via app or web and set the engine timer, cabin temperature, front defroster or simply remote stop the engine if you change yourmind.

Car Finder

Use your smartphone app to quickly locate your Hyundai on the map or tag its location for future reference.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Once you have filed a police report for your stolen vehicle, Blue Link can assist the police in locating and recovering it.

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Law enforcement can gradually reduce engine power of a stolen vehicle bringing it safely to a complete stop.

Vehicle Immobilization

Law enforcement can immobilize the engine of a stolen vehicle to prevent it from being restarted before recovery.

Alarm Notification

Upon activation, the owner will know when and where the vehicle's security has been compromised.

Curfew Alert

Pre-set time intervals for when your Hyundai can and cannot be driven.  Receive an alert if it exceeds them.


Designate boundaries and monitor your Hyundai's movements in and out of them.

Speed Alert

Pre-set a speed limit for your vehicle and receive an alert when that speed is exceeded.

Valet Alert

Rest assured when dropping-off your Hyundai with the valet.  Receive an alert if your vehicle travels beyond your pre-set limit from the drop-off point.

In-Vehicle Safeguard Alerts App

This in-vehicle app has a suite of services that put you in control of your Hyundai.  Know how your vehicle is being operated with Curfew Alert, Speed Alert, Valet Alert and Geo-Fence Notifications.


3 Years

Destination Send-to-Car

For quicker navigation to your next destination, send search results directly to your vehicle via web or smartphone app. 

Destination Search by Voice

Use your voice to find an address, point of interest or category quickly and easily from the comfort of the driver's seat.