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2022 NEXO Fuel Cell
A future where alternative fuel is normal fuel.
NEXO Fuel Cell isn’t just the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV, it’s our technology flagship. A fuel cell vehicle that has next-generation connectivity and safety along with premium luxury and craftsmanship. Not to mention an impressive EPA-estimated range of up to 380 miles with zero emissions.
2022 hyundai showroom walk around
Discover what makes the NEXO Fuel Cell so revolutionary. Join our product specialist for an up-close look at our hydrogen-powered SUV in this revealing Showroom Walkaround video.

Fuel Cell

California Clean Vehicle Rebate Logo


Up to $4,500 in added savings from a California Clean Vehicle Rebate. Local utilities and other state incentives may also apply
Complimentary fuel

Complimentary fuel

3 year or $15,000 maximum, whichever comes first.
HOV lane

HOV lane

Drive solo in carpool lanes where available.
Zero emissions

Zero emissions

The only thing coming out of the tailpipe is water.
Five minutes to refuel

Five minutes to refuel

Filling up with hydrogen is just as easy as pumping gas.
Free vehicle rentals

Free vehicle rentals

For added flexibility, rent a car for free 7 days a year for 3 years.

Up to 380 miles of range in just 5 minutes.

Fueling NEXO Fuel Cell is as easy as pumping gas. And in 5 minutes or less of refueling, you have enough range to drive from L.A. to San Francisco nonstop—all with zero emissions.

2022 Nexo - up to 380 Miles of range

Fill-ups are on us – up to $15,000.

When you drive home a new 2022 NEXO, we'll give you NEXO Cards worth up to $15,000 that you can use like a debit card at hydrogen fueling stations for up to six years with a purchase or three years with a lease, whichever comes first.

2022 Nexo $15,000 hydrogen fuel cell debit card

Find your nearest fuel cell station

A look as clean as its energy.

Inspired by NEXO Fuel Cell’s power source, every line, curve and detail are refined, clean and pure. Because a low drag coefficient increases range, it’s highly aerodynamic as well.

Let NEXO Fuel Cell park for you.

With just a push of the Smart Key button, NEXO Fuel Cell becomes your personal valet. Guided by 360 degrees of sensors, it can autonomously park in a parallel or perpendicular space with the driver inside—or outside—the vehicle. You can also use key fob controls to remotely move it backward and forward.

2022 Nexo premium smart parking assist
2022 Nexo parallel parking feature


Taking charge of gear selection, steering and speed, NEXO Fuel Cell can parallel park itself and even leave the space.

2022 Nexo perpendicular parking feature


NEXO Fuel Cell can automatically back into and get out of the tightest of perpendicular spaces.


Our most advanced vehicle yet.

Modern living is more luxurious with a selection of intelligent and intuitive conveniences that are rooted in innovation.

2022 Hyundai Nexo Blind Spot Monitor

The Blind-Spot View Monitor shows you a wide-angle view of your blind spots with a camera feed on the instrument cluster.


A live video feed of your blind spot—something you won’t see in or .

2022 Nexo with Integrated Seamless Display

A widescreen display seamlessly integrates the 10.25-inch digital cluster and 12.3-inch touchscreen.


12.3-inch touchscreen display not available on .

2022 Hyundai Nexo Krell Premium Audio

The 440-watt Krell Premium Audio system features an 8-channel external amp and eight speakers.

2022 Hyundai Nexo Blind Spot Monitor
2022 Nexo with Integrated Seamless Display
2022 Hyundai Nexo Krell Premium Audio

The innovation, purity and safety of hydrogen.

Wonder how fuel cell vehicles work? Curious about their safety? Get a better understanding about this brilliant—yet often misunderstood—technology.


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