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IONIQ 6 welcome center

Top 10 ways to get you started with your IONIQ 6 SE.

You’re not just getting a new IONIQ 6 SE, you’re starting a new relationship – with us. And it’s important our journey together begins the right way, which is why we created this Welcome Center. Think of it as an easy-to-use guide to all the things that can help you make the most of every mile.


1. Charging

Owner’s manual

2. Owner’s manual

How-to videos

3. How-to videos


4. MyHyundai


5. Bluelink+


6. Accessories

Caring for your IONIQ 6

7. Caring for your IONIQ 6

Roadside Assistance

8. Roadside Assistance

Streaming infotainment

9. Streaming infotainment

Complimentary Maintenance

10. Complimentary Maintenance

As the new owner of an electric vehicle, be sure to check out all the things Hyundai does for EVs – from complimentary charging to our Hyundai Home energy products.
A lot of inspired thinking went into crafting the features of IONIQ 6. Futuristic, intelligent, and captivating – they make every drive an emotional experience. Learn how to use them by watching our how-to videos.


Did you know?

There’s a lot that may surprise you about your IONIQ 6. It’s what happens when our engineers and designers reimagine every detail to make even the small moments feel special.

IONIQ 6 Steering wheel pixel lights

Steering wheel pixel lights

Instead of the Hyundai emblem on the steering wheel, there are four LED pixel lights. That’s because the four dots stand for “H” in Morse Code. They also interact with you, using colors and motion to communicate battery charge status, drive mode switches, and even goodbye.

IONIQ 6 sustainable materials

Sustainably focused materials

Electricity isn’t the only future-forward thing about this car. You’ll find paint made with plant extracts used on the door covers and recycled fishing nets incorporated into the carpeting.


Our premium connected car service is now complimentary for original IONIQ 6 owners. So, at no cost to you, you can remotely start the vehicle and turn on climate control, unlock doors, schedule charging times, and more.


Plus, Bluelink maps and infotainment software automatically get updated over the air (OTA) instead of having to be manually downloaded. And it’s complimentary for the first three years.

Browse and shop genuine Hyundai accessories for your IONIQ 6, like our recommended Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatible cables. We’ve put quick links below for your shopping convenience.
IONIQ 6 connectivity accessories. Shop Apple lightening cable.

Apple compatible Lightning cable

Here’s a fast and reliable way to connect Apple CarPlay® and charge your Apple device.

IONIQ 6 Android cables. Shop Accessories.

Android compatible cables

We’ve got a USB-C cable that’s perfect for charging and syncing your Android Auto™ compatible phone. And for older Android devices we have a high-speed micro-USB cable.

Keep your ride in tip-top shape with regular service and maintenance using Hyundai- trained technicians and our high-quality original parts.
There’s nothing quite like hitting the road while listening to your favorite music. You get a double treat for the ears with a SiriusXM 3-month trial subscription and a Spotify playlist made exclusively for IONIQ 6 owners.


IONIQ 6 Silky Smooth Mix

Set the mood in your IONIQ 6 with a specially curated playlist just for you.

Open playlist