What is the difference between severe and normal driving conditions?

Whether you want to find your vehicle’s maintenance schedule online, in the Owner’s Manual, or at the Hyundai dealership, you will need to know if the driving conditions of your vehicle are severe or normal. The maintenance schedule will vary depending on the driving conditions of your vehicle. Below is a list to help you determine which category your car fits in:

Driving conditions are considered severe:
• For repeated short distances.
• In dusty or sandy areas, in areas where salt or other corrosive materials are used.
• On rough or muddy roads.
• In mountainous areas.
• For extended periods of idling or low speed operation.
• For prolonged periods in cold or extremely humid climates.
• More than 50% of driving in heavy city traffic in temperatures above 90°F.
• If using brakes extensively.

Driving conditions are considered normal:
• If your car did not fall into the previous severe category.