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Benefits that benefit everyone.

Building a career and having a life should never be mutually exclusive. That’s why we’ve got benefits programs to help you get the most out of your work and career, so you can live your best life. 



Hyundai offers all regular full-time employees a comprehensive medical plan. All employees have a choice of PPO medical plans. Hyundai pays a significant portion of the premiums for all medical plans for employees and their eligible dependent(s). 


Here is information on the transparency in coverage from Aetna (our medical insurance carrier) for (1) in-network negotiated rates for covered items and services, (2) billed charges and historical allowed amounts paid to out-of-network (OON) providers, and (3) the negotiated rates and historical net prices for prescription drugs.


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Hyundai offers our employees the choice of two Delta Dental plans—a Dental PPO and a Dental DHMO. There is a minimal employee contribution for the PPO plan and there is no monthly employee contribution for employees and their dependent(s) who are enrolled in the DHMO plan.



Coverage through EyeMed’s Vision plan provides eye exams and glasses or contact lenses every 12 months. There is a minimal employee contribution for this benefit.


Recreational Sports

Some locations offer opportunities to join recreational sport teams such as softball.


401(k) Plan

Employees can defer up to 75% of eligible compensation into Hyundai’s 401(k) plan. Employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan beginning the first full pay period following their date of hire. Hyundai provides a competitive matching structure for employee’s pre-tax/Roth contributions immediately as long as the employee contributes to the plan.



New employees are eligible after one year of service for a 4% Hyundai Employer Enhanced Contribution, into their 401(k) account. This contribution is above and beyond the regular 401(k) employer matching contribution described above.


Education Reimbursement

Regular, full-time employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement after one year of service, up to a maximum of $5,250 for each calendar year.


Time Off

Regular full-time employees are eligible for vacation based on Hyundai's policy.

Thirteen paid holidays are provided each year, including a holiday closure between Christmas and New Year’s.


Vehicle Benefits

Eligible employees can lease or buy vehicles based on Company guidelines. An employee can rent cars at a nominal cost. Use/lease of any company car requires an acceptable driving record.


Training and Development

From initial orientation, employees have opportunities to expand skills and grow at Hyundai through a variety of learning opportunities, including classroom programs, web broadcasts and over 500 online courses.


Building Amenities

The National Headquarters building offers many conveniences to improve an employee’s lifestyle, including onsite Peet’s Coffee™, a fully equipped gym with trainer-led fitness classes, dry cleaning services, a convenience store, service garage, and library.