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Hyundai Insider Reservations

Be among the first to get into a 2022 TUCSON.

Your 2022 TUCSON.

The highly anticipated, all-new TUCSON is arriving Spring 2021. And you can be the first to own one. Configure yours just the way you like it and we’ll reserve it for you right now.

Reservation FAQs

Your reservation allows you to be one of the first in line to purchase the all-new 2022 TUCSON. Additionally, the first 1,000 customers to place a reservation will receive a special edition set of front floor mats from Hyundai Motor America (“Hyundai”) after purchase. The floor mats will be sent to the customer 2-4 weeks after proof of purchase, beginning in June 2021 (no further action needed by the customer). If you decide to request a refund, only the $100 deposit you contributed will be returned to you. Keep in mind, your reservation is not an order of a specific vehicle.
Visit the all-new 2022 TUCSON page on, configure your TUCSON, and submit your contact and credit card information. Once submitted, you will receive an email receipt to keep for your records. You will also receive a call from a TUCSON concierge agent to confirm your selection. At that time, the concierge will also ask for additional information such as trade-in information and financing preference so the dealer can provide you with an offer that is tailored to your needs.
Reservation deposit is $100 and is fully refundable if you should decide not to purchase.
The $100 deposit is held in a third-party merchant account until time of purchase. When you purchase your vehicle, the dealership will apply the deposit amount to your purchase. Once purchase has been finalized, your deposit will be transferred by Hyundai to the dealership.
The first 1,000 reservations (which have been completed and confirmed by a TUCSON concierge agent) will receive a special edition set of front floor mats 4 weeks after proof of purchase. Shipments will begin in June 2021. In your confirmation, there will be instructions on how to use your deposit at purchase. Keep in mind, if you change your mind and would like a refund of your deposit, only the $100 you deposited will be refunded to you.
Yes, unused reservation fees are fully refundable. We understand things change. If you would like a refund, you can call the TUCSON concierge center at 844-966-3434 or email with your request. Only the $100 you have put down will be refunded. Hyundai special edition set of front floor mats only applies to a 2022 TUCSON purchase and has no cash value.
Refunds are processed as quickly as possible. Typically, this takes no longer than 2-3 business days. Once processed, there may be additional time for your credit card company to update your account to show the credit. If you have any issues, please contact a TUCSON concierge agent at 844-966-3434 or email
Please contact our helpful program concierge center at 844-966-3434 to cancel. You can then create a new reservation to replace your initial request with the updated credit card information.
Yes, your information is 100% secure and will not be shared with anyone outside of the banking institution. Payment is processed by U.S. Bank via our partner at Virtoway. Your credit card number is never stored, and is not seen by Hyundai Motor America, the TUCSON concierge center, or the Hyundai dealership you have chosen. You can learn more about Virtoway’s privacy policy by clicking here.
Yes, the vehicle configuration you specified, will be sent to a TUCSON concierge center and to your selected Hyundai dealership.
A list of the closest Hyundai dealerships will be displayed based on your ZIP code for your convenience, but you may select your preferred Hyundai dealership anywhere nationwide.
If you would like to change your original request, please contact your selected Hyundai dealership, and they can assist you in changing your preferred vehicle.
When communicating with your selected Hyundai dealership about your deposit, make sure to have your transaction ID and the email address you used when placing your deposit. For redemption, please bring a copy of the confirmation email to your selected Hyundai dealership. If you do not have this email, please contact a TUCSON concierge agent at 844-966-3434 or email
The Hyundai dealership you have selected will contact you when the all-new 2022 TUCSON vehicles begin to arrive to the showroom (Gas (non-N Line) and Hybrid models are expected in Spring 2021; N Line and Plug-in Hybrid models are expected in Summer 2021). Your local dealership will work with you on identifying a vehicle that meets your needs and will help complete the sale.
Your reservation information (name, phone number, email address, vehicle selection, and transaction ID) will be shared with the dealership selected at the time of reservation. However, your credit card payment information will never be shared with the dealer and will be held securely by Virtoway. For more information about Hyundai’s privacy policy, click here.
The all-new 2022 Hyundai TUCSON is expected to become available Spring 2021. Your dealership will contact you when vehicles arrive. Actual delivery times may vary based on vehicle model and configuration selected and the number of vehicles your dealer may receive. See your selected Hyundai dealership for more details.
No. The purchase agreement will be between you and the selling Hyundai dealership, not Hyundai Motor America.
Yes, you can make multiple reservations if you desire, but it is not required if you wish to buy multiple vehicles.
You may reach our TUCSON concierge center for assistance in changing your Hyundai dealership selection at 844-966-3434 or via email at Your Reservation ID will not change.
Yes. Your deposit for a Gas (Non-N Line) or Hybrid model can be used toward any new Hyundai vehicle as long as you complete the purchase on or before June 30, 2021. Your deposit for an N Line or Plug-in Hybrid model can be used toward any new Hyundai vehicle as long as you complete the purchase on or before September 30, 2021.If you are eligible to receive a Hyundai special edition set of front floor mats, they are only available for purchases of the all-new 2022 TUCSON.
No, the reservation deposit is only valid for use on a new Hyundai vehicle purchased from a participating Hyundai dealer. If you choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle from your dealer, you can request a refund of your 2022 TUCSON deposit.
Your deposit for a Gas (Non-N Line) or Hybrid model, if unused, will be held until June 30, 2021. Your deposit for an N Line or Plug-in Hybrid model, if unused, will be held until September 30, 2021. If you do not purchase a vehicle and use your deposit, your original $100 will be refunded. Before we refund your deposit, we will make every attempt to inform and remind you, so that if you choose, you can use that deposit toward a new Hyundai vehicle purchase prior to the end of the program.