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For those who put a premium
on space and style.
And safety, and convenience, and technology and—well you get the idea. Discover Santa Fe XL’s popular standard features such as Blue Link®, plus a very long list of innovative available features that includes Automatic Emergency Braking. To learn more just scroll down.
Awards are a very big deal.
They show how our vehicles perform and how we’re making driving safer, more convenient and ultimately more satisfying.
2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick when equipped with optional Automatic Emergency Braking and HID headlights*
2019 NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating*
Wherever you are, this puts you in the driver seat.
Standard Blue Link® Connected Car Services Complimentary for 3 Years*
You can use the features remotely via the Blue Link smartphone or smartwatch app, Amazon Echo and Google Home. What can you do? Securely and remotely start your car and set the climate control to cool the interior or defrost the windshield on cold mornings. In the event of an accident, it can send an automatic collision notification and request emergency assistance.
Remote Lock/Unlock
Ever have that “Did I lock my car?” moment? Conveniently lock or unlock your car remotely, plus you can forget the locksmith if you lock your keys in your car, just use the MyHyundai with Blue Link mobile app on your smartphone.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Locate your stolen car sooner. Blue Link can provide local law enforcement with your car's exact location and immobilize the engine until it's recovered.
Destination Search powered by Voice
For vehicles equipped with navigation, you
can use Destination Search powered by
Voice to search for the most up-to-date
Points of Interest.
Seats for seven. Flexibility for every task.
Three-Row Seating For Up To Seven
Regardless of who or what you need to take on your travels, having more space makes things easier.
Plus, the Santa Fe XL’s 50/50 split-folding rear seatbacks can be folded completely flat when you want
maximum load-space or changed up when you want to carry people and gear.
More total interior volume
than Toyota Highlander and
Mazda CX-9 (160 cubic feet)*
More 3rd-row leg room than Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9 (31.5 inches)*
Seats that cool you down or warm you up are seats you’ll love.
Heated and Ventilated Front Seats
This available feature gives the driver and the front seat passenger the option of having a boost of cooling air when the sun heats up the drive. On the other hand, available heated seats prevent your morning drive from being a chilly wake-up call. It’s nice that something so satisfying is so simple; all it takes is the push of a button.
Hands full? We’ll get that.
Hands-Free Smart Liftgate with Auto Open*
It’s a must-have feature for serious shoppers everywhere, but especially handy in the parking lot.
The available hands-free smart liftgate opens automatically when it senses the Proximity Key is behind
the vehicle within three feet for more than three seconds. When you’re loaded down with boxes,
bags or kids’ sports gear, you’ll love how it helps out.
Better driving with your smartphone.
Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ Support*
Technology in your car is better when it's useful, familiar and personal. For those who use their iPhone® in the car, Apple CarPlay is the smarter, safer way to get access to Apple Music®, maps, send messages, make calls and more with Siri® and your Santa Fe XL's touchscreen. With Android Auto, the apps you prefer offer access to maps, navigation, contacts lists, texts, calls, even your music seamlessly and safely while driving using the
touchscreen or voice recognition.
It keeps an eye out for those close to you.
Multi-View Camera System
Maybe you baby-proofed your entire house. But as they get older, kids become incredibly mobile. You need something like eyes in the back of your head. This is even better. Four cameras offer a 360-degree view around your vehicle to help you see people and objects right on the touchscreen display. It’s very helpful for safely maneuvering a large kid-hauling SUV.
Multi-view Camera System is not available on Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer and Mazda CX-9*
America’s Best Warranty™*
With 10 years and 100,000 miles of coverage, America’s Best Warranty is just that. We couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. The warranty is part of Hyundai Assurance which includes 24/7 Roadside Assistance and features towing, trip interruption, assistance and help for a flat tire, dead battery or if you run out of gas or lock yourself out of your car. So wherever you go, there’s a warranty that makes every Hyundai not just new but better.
5-Year /
New Vehicle Limited Warranty
10-Year /
Powertrain Limited Warranty
5-Year /
Unlimited Miles
24-hour Roadside Assistance*
New Vehicle Limited Warranty: An additional 2 years and 24,000 miles more coverage than Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen*
America’s Best Warranty: An additional 5 years and 40,000 miles more coverage of Powertrain Limited Warranty than
Toyota & Honda*
Add to your protection with features that watch out for others.
This set of available advanced safety features is designed to help make drivers aware of the constantly
changing movement of traffic around your vehicle. Actions that you might be unaware of and if undetected
could cause harm to you or others.
Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection*
Senses vehicles and pedestrians in your path and initiates braking automatically.
Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert*
Provides audible and visual alerts if a vehicle is detected in the driver’s blind spot. In reverse gear, Rear Cross-traffic Alert warns the driver of vehicles approaching from the side.
Lane Departure Warning*
Lets you know when your vehicle is drifting out of its driving lane without signaling.
Lights that do more than turn on.
They turn when you do.
Dynamic Bending Light*
A lighting system that moves the headlights in sync with your vehicle makes perfect sense. That’s the idea behind this innovation. Designed to turn the headlights with the direction of the curve as you turn the steering wheel.
Available Dynamic Bending Light is not available on Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder, and Toyota Highlander*
Cruising should be easy.
This makes it automatic.
Available Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start*
The moment Santa Fe XL detects a vehicle in your lane ahead, it automatically slows down maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle ahead should stop, your Santa Fe XL will also come to a full stop, then start again without you
doing a thing.
Go first class in the second row.
Second-Row Captain’s Chairs*
If a vehicle with seating for 6 is perfect for you then here’s a great option that gives second-row passengers first-class features. These two seats provide the opportunity to easily personalize comfort with nicely padded armrests and individual seat adjustments.
Drive wide open.
Panoramic Sunroof*
Sure, the panoramic sunroof gives you better access to the great outdoors. But it completely transforms the interior by adding light and the feeling of increased space. Its shade can be adjusted to increase ambient light in the cabin or its glass panels opened up for added fresh air.
Kids will get a charge out of this.
Third-Row USB Charging*
Both the young and the young-at-heart riding in Santa Fe XL’s third row will love this feature that allows them to charge their favorite digital companions, from phones to gaming devices, with ease. Think of it as a third-row seat with front-row connections.
Impressive visuals.
Large Touchscreen with Rearview Camera
This super-sized touchscreen is the focal point of the interior and gives you precise control and quick access to navigation and entertainment. Best of all, it’s a standard feature and the equally standard rearview camera helps you back up with added safety and park like a pro
Larger standard touchscreen display than Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango and Volkswagen Atlas*
Hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every Hyundai.
For over 21 years, every owner who has purchased a Hyundai has brought hope to a child living with cancer.* That’s because with every Hyundai sold, a donation is made to Hope On Wheels. Together we have raised over $160 million to fight pediatric cancer.

Let’s find the right SANTA FE XL for you.

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