Hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every new Hyundai.
Hope comes standard on every new Hyundai.
Right now, we're highlighting our greatest feature: Hope. And it comes standard on every Hyundai. For 19 years, a portion of every Hyundai sold has gone toward Hyundai Hope On Wheels® to help find a cure for childhood cancer. To date, we've given more than 130 million dollars and counting.

If you'd like to help, simply go to HyundaiHopeOnWheels.org and give a little hope, no matter what wheel you get behind.

Hope makes every Hyundai better.
Being a good neighbor.
More than anything, a neighborhood is about people. That is why we are committed to building strong neighborhoods together with our community partners. At Hyundai we strive to be a good neighbor in the communities in which we do business and operate.
Discover more about how we're strengthening the communities around us.
Bright ideas: Every child graduates.
With our help, students across the country are exceeding expectations and becoming a new generation of leaders. We are helping America's future by providing the next generation the tools and resources they need to become successful citizens and professionals. This means more scholarships for college, professional development resources, and educational summits.
See how we're helping to educate the next generation of leaders.



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