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Android Auto™
  • What is Android Auto?
    Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car in a way that’s purpose-built for driving.
  • Why do I need Android Auto if I have Blue Link?
    Android Auto is a separate system than Blue Link. Android Auto offers customers the experience of your mobile phone on your vehicle's navigation screen while Blue Link offers services such as Remote Start, Remote Door Unlock as well as many other wonderful convenience and safety features.
  • How does Android Auto work?
    Android Auto brings the Android experience into the car by ‘projecting’ apps and services to the screen in your Hyundai’s dash, and is designed to make it safer and easier to get the information you need when you’re on the road.
  • When will Android Auto be available in Hyundai cars?
    You can expect to see the first Android Auto enabled Hyundai cars in dealerships during the 2015 model year.
  • Why is Android Auto beneficial to automakers?
    Automakers will be able to take advantage of a platform already being used by millions to deliver a familiar and consistent experience to their customers. Taking a platform-centric approach enables high quality application development in a way that is purpose-built for cars.
  • Why is Android Auto beneficial to drivers?
    Android Auto allows drivers to more easily access apps and services from their Android phone in the car, without disrupting their focus on the road.
  • What are you doing to make sure Android Auto is safe to use?
    By working together in the OAA (Open Automotive Alliance), automakers and technology companies are able to combine our experience to design a safe implementation intended to reduce driver distraction (with eyes-free technology, like voice). By making the implementation seamless with the automobile’s existing controls, we’re addressing drivers’ current temptations to fumble around with their handsets.
  • What is the Open Automotive Alliance™?
    The Open Automotive Alliance is a group of automakers and technology companies that have come together to bring the best of Android into the automobile in a safe and seamless way.
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