Hyundai #1 in customer loyalty 2010 – 2013
Hyundai: #1 in customer loyalty—four straight years.
If there's one thing we've learned from our commitment to support the best teams in college football, it's that fans are fiercely loyal to their teams. It's the same sense of loyalty Hyundai owners have for their vehicle of choice.
Learn about Valued Owner and College Graduate offers.
One mile at a time. That's how we win loyalty.
Just like college football, a history of success and the promise of outstanding future performance both go into building fan loyalty. Similarly, Hyundai is known for offering its owners unique benefits—including America's Best Warranty—to create an enduring bond with fans who drive a Hyundai.
Get the details on America's Best Warranty.
Discover what we do to build customer loyalty every day.
Learn about our quest for continuous improvement. Quality audits, rigorous inspections, design excellence, sophisticated engineering and manufacturing superiority, right here in America—all play a part in the process. Plus, see the ultimate proof: video of our owners talking about how much they love their Hyundai.
See how loyalty and quality are connected.

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