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2018 Elantra

Whether it’s safety, technology, performance or design, all the innovations we’ve engineered into the Elantra were created for one purpose: To enhance your life and the way you move through it. We invite you to explore and find out why there’s nothing better than feeling like your car has it all.

The result of better.
Awards and accolades show how we make driving safer,
more convenient and ultimately more rewarding.
2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ when equipped with optional Automatic Emergency Braking and High Beam Assist on vehicles built after December 2017.*

New means nothing to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Better does.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

You can never understate the need for better safety. So, for added peace of mind, this available cutting-edge safety feature acts as your trusty co-pilot that’s always on duty, automatically stopping your forward progress when it senses a collision is imminent when your attention is elsewhere. It’s also a must-have feature when sharing your Elantra with younger, less-experienced drivers.*

Here are a few more ways Elantra is watching out for you.

Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert

Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist

Optional Blind Spot Detection not available on Toyota Corolla*

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist: not available on Nissan Sentra*

Everyone gets a warm welcome in your Elantra.



Front and Rear Heated Seats

It’s the simple pleasures that mean the most. Like the undeniable comfort of warm, toasty seats on a cold morning. All you and your passengers need to do is push a button and enjoy.

Optional heated rear seats not available on Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus*

Better driving
with your

You use your apps constantly, but using them in the car is a big no-no because of the unsafe conditions it can create. Until now. With the Elantra’s Apple CarPlay support and Android Auto, all your favorite apps appear conveniently right on your touchscreen, giving you all the functionality of your smartphone right at your fingertips. That means you can keep your eyes on the road and off of your phone.*

Optional Android Auto™ not available on Toyota Corolla*

Getting the keys to your new car is awesome. Not needing them is better.

A warranty that puts more long in longevity.

America’s Best Warranty™





Powertrain Limited Warranty*





New Vehicle Limited Warranty*


years/unlimited miles



Roadside Assistance*

You have certain expectations when looking for a new car and one of the most important is that it will last, which is why we back every Hyundai with “America’s Best Warranty.” It’s our way of showing how much confidence we have in the quality of the vehicles we make so you’ll have the confidence of knowing that the joy of ownership is one that will last for today, tomorrow and years down the road.*

An additional 5 years and 40,000 miles more coverage of Powertrain Limited Warranty than Toyota and Honda*

Learn more about our Warranty

Lights that do more than turn on. They turn when you do.

Dynamic Bending Light

Visibility diminishes when driving at night, especially when driving on curvy, winding roads. Which is why we developed an ingenious system that automatically moves the headlights in sync with the steering wheel, providing greater illumination when turning, resulting in more relaxed, stress free night driving.

Optional HID Headlights with Dynamic Bending Light not available on Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic*

Hands full? We’ll get that.

Hands-free Smart Trunk

In the category of “why didn’t someone think of this sooner” comes this handy feature for anyone who’s ever carried an armful of stuff to the car, which is pretty much everyone. It senses the key fob approaching and, voilà, the trunk automatically pops open so you don’t have to fish keys out of you pocket with your hands full.*

Only vehicle in it’s class to offer an optional Hands-Free Smart Trunk*

So driver friendly, it even helps you get in and out.

Easy Access Seating

Every time you enter and exit, the Elantra makes it more inviting. When you turn the engine off, the driver’s seat automatically moves back a few inches to give you extra room to exit. When you return, you still have that extra room to enter, and when you start the car, the seat moves forward to your original driving position. It’s just one of the small things the Elantra automatically does that makes a big difference.

Here’s why all of your favorite songs suddenly sound better.

Infinity® Premium Audio with Clari-Fi™ Music Restoration Technology

Think you couldn’t love your favorite music any more than you already do? We beg to differ. And you will too when you listen to it on this cutting edge audio system that’s designed to restore audio quality typically lost through the common practice of digital compression, resulting in better sound quality and a heightened music experience.

Optional Clari-Fi Music Restoration Technology not available on Honda Civic and Ford Focus*

Click to listen

When your car knows you, it knows what to do.

Click to change driver settings

Integrated Memory Driver Seat

Everyone likes being remembered. And the Elantra remembers the position of the seat and mirrors and illumination level of the instrument panel for two different drivers with a simple push of a button, so you can simply get in go without the hassle of re-positioning everything around you.

Only vehicle in it’s class to offer optional Integrated Memory System for driver’s seat and exterior mirrors*

High beams that give you and oncoming drivers a better view automatically.

High Beam Assist

Keeping things safer on the road for others also makes things safer for you. And that’s exactly what this helpful feature does, automatically diming your high beams instantly when it senses oncoming traffic, keeping visibility high resulting in more safety for all. And, no more remembering to switch your brights off every time an oncoming car approaches.

Calm at the center of your commute.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Elimination

Noise and vibrations during your drive are not only annoying, but also distracting and increase stress levels. Which is why we engineered more sophisticated noise and vibration absorbing technology into the Elantra to ensure its cabin is always a serene and relaxing place, also making it a quiet sanctuary for phone calls on the go and helping you arrive in a better frame of mind.

Sound deadening high-efficiency carpet

Increases the heavy-layer density and foam efficiency of the carpet. Designed to lower road noise and engine sounds.

Sound absorbing materials in the wheel wells

Wheels and tires make noise as they rotate over road surfaces. This type of insulation helps reduce noise in the cabin.

Aircraft-quality adhesives

These kinds of adhesives help enhance the strength and integrity of a vehicle’s design. Sometimes their use even reduces weight.

Thicker glass in the front windows

Interior noise is caused by many factors, wind, rain, and other vehicles on the road. Thicker windshield glass helps absorb these sounds.

Hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every Hyundai.

Packed with impressive tech-savvy features, the stylish Elantra also comes equipped with our most impressive feature: Hope. Every time an Elantra is sold, a portion goes to Hyundai Hope On Wheels® to help find a cure for childhood cancer.* Hyundai Hope On Wheels has donated more than 130 million dollars and counting. Hope comes standard on every Hyundai, including the new Elantra.

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