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Qarmaq: a recycled marvel

Designed at Hyundai’s Design Center in Russelsheim, the QarmaQ is more than just a design concept: it can be seen as a proof-of-concept for over 30 technologies that will be incorporated into future Hyundai models. Each has a positive effect on safety, environmental impact, performance, or—In many cases—all three at once.The focus of these technologies is on lowering the vehicle’s weight without compromising other aspects of its performance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and reducing its carbon footprint. The QarmaQ is lighter yet stronger than any CUV currently available.The upper canopy uses a translucent composite covered by a glass skin for a 50% weight savings over glass alone. Composite body panels allow an Elastic Front safety system that reduces the chance of pedestrian injury. The composite materials are not only 50% lighter than steel, they can also be shaped in ways that conventional steel or glass panels cannot.