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Portico: Hyundai Concept Car

The Portico is a harbinger for our next generation of family vehicles and defies being grouped in conventional automotive categories.Neither a sedan nor an SUV, but with the advantages of both, the Portico offers a stylish alternative for parents who need more space. Perhaps the Portico’s most innovative feature: a 3+3 staggered seating arrangement that increases comfort and allows more cargo room than vehicles with the usual 2+2+2 seating arrangement.The Portico’s panoramic sunroof is electrochromic. Translation: it can be darkened or lightened to block out or let in sunlight as desired. A hinged rear door has a pillarless design for improved visibility and to make getting in and out that much easier.The Portico is powered by a hybrid all-wheel drive system. The front wheels are powered by a 136-horsepower gasoline engine, the rear wheels by an 83-horsepower electric motor. Each of these power units can be regulated individually for optimum torque distribution, performance, and efficiency, depending on driving conditions. The Portico also features next-generation lithium ion batteries for extended range and better packaging.