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HED-5: Hyundai Concept Car

The HED-5 six-passenger crossover previews materials, powertrain, and infotainment technologies that may be used in upcoming Hyundai models.Take, for example, the Theta Turbo GDI 2.0-liter engine. Producing 286 horsepower, this mighty four-cylinder produces the kind of power once associated with V8 engines, yet improves fuel economy by 15 to 20% over modern six-cylinder engines.The HED-5 also features materials that are lighter and more adaptable than metal and glass, and self-healing finishes that help minor scratches essentially disappear.The interior of the HED-5 features a swiveling front passenger seat covered in warm and natural brown tones that seem more like home furnishings. Furthering the home-on-the-road feel, drop-down touch screens and webcams allow passengers to access the Web, play video games, watch movies, and more. "