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Fluidic precision finds exciting new form in the liquid-metal design language of the HCD-14. From the side-view silhouette, this Genesis conceptual exploration features classic rear-wheel-drive proportions with an extended cabin, sharply tapered greenhouse, and short rear deck. Its craftsmanship displays laser-cut precision, with design surfaces exhibiting a faceted, gemstone-like character. This is an expressive premium-sport 4-door coupe infused with an undeniable road presence.

Inside, a driver-centric cockpit prioritizes dramatic sculpture over infotainment button overload. Ergonomics engineers used state-of-the-art driver eye-tracking and hand-gesture recognition, so that the HCD-14 is able to recognize driver commands free from the distractions associated with manual controls. The result is an intuitive, windshield heads-up display (HUD) that offers minimal driving distraction and sets a new benchmark for active driver safety technology. An award-winning Hyundai Tau® V8 engine, displacing 5.0 liters, powers this advanced idea concept.